Yambio deputy mayor vows to keep town clean

Yambio deputy mayor vows to keep town clean
Mr. Patrick Mukanga, the newly appointed Yambio first deputy mayor takes an oath of office (photo credit: courtesy)

The newly appointed first Deputy Mayor of Yambio municipality, Patrick Peter Mukanga, has promised to work together with his colleagues to keep Yambio town clean.

Mr Mukanga made the assurance while taking an oath of office in Yambio the state capital of Western Equatoria State.

“My first priority is to work together with my colleagues to ensure that we do what we can in order to make changes in the Yambio town, especially keeping our town clean,” Mr Mukanga vowed.

He added that by keeping cleanness within Yambio town, he would be making the municipality look more attractive and making the town better.

He called for cooperation among the colleagues as they do the work for the success of the state, adding that working together was the only thing that can make the state move forward.

Mr Mukanga was appointed last month by Gen. Alfred Futuyo Karaba, the Western Equatoria State Governor on a ticket of SPLM-IG, after being recommended by his SPLM state party chairperson, Dr Kennedy Gaaniko.

On the same occasion, Governor Futuyo urged the newly appointed deputy mayor to work together with his colleagues to make Yambio a better place for people.

“My advice to you is that you must work together, and unite people in the town for the success of our state,” he advised.

“You must keep municipality stronger and greater where everyone will always like to leave in and let the authority not to sell the people’s land with the interest of money,” he added.

Meanwhile, WES Deputy Governor Dr Kennedy Gaaniko urged the two mayors to collaborate with traders.

Dr Kennedy urged them to engage with both foreign and local traders in working together in order to make local traders grow to another level.

“We have been seeing most of the wholesale business are only in the hand of foreigner traders. But why not the local traders to acquire such licenses for operating wholesale,” he questioned.