Why freedom can sometimes be meaningless

Why freedom can sometimes be meaningless

Freedom is meaningless if it meagerly pays its people who were struggling for it less and gives much to people who fill their hearts with hatred and corruption. 

Today in South Sudan, the wailing of neglected orphans and the poverty of the forgotten widows implies that we have plunged the destiny of this great nation into the abyss.

Several young men and women had lost their beloved ones during the liberation struggle but the country has failed to comfort them. Why is our government looking at us— whose parents had paid their own lives to liberate this country—just like beggars?

But we are not beggars because they liberated this country for the younger generation to live in freedom, be educated, and have happy families. These have not been the reality today.

When we consider Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit’s loyalty, determination, and sacrifice for the freedom of our people, there was no one deserving to be a successor of the founding father Dr. John Garang than Kiir. Sadly, the promised land is still as elusive and far off today due to the greed of some politicians who won’t let the vulnerable groups such as the orphans and widows taste the seeds of the freedom that claimed the lives of 2.5m million people during the war of the struggle.

One could even argue that life was better during the war because there was hope for a brighter tomorrow- the hope for a payback time to our freedom fighters survivors; hopes for the people to take control of their lives and redefine their cultural identities. 

However, today most people have lost hope because their hope for a better tomorrow has been mangled up in the wreckage of the national idiocy. It is heartbreaking to see our own country bleeding, our soil is soaked in the blood of innocent people who kill each other days and nights. Ironically, those tasked to care for them are busy riding fancy cars and the orphans are suffering due to lack of food and insecurity, and lack of shelters. 

What shall we tell the founding fathers of our nation and the martyrs of our revolutionary struggle when we finally join them? It is a haunting question and the biggest shame to our mighty party that failed to take good care of both orphans and the widows. So, shall we be sitting quietly expecting them to answer this question amicably?

Things that were promised to be done soon after independence was not implemented in our mighty party, the ruling party. The country’s biggest institution (SPLM) is yet to deliver anything yet. Orphans are not sent to school and they have nothing to eat. The wounded heroes were left untreated and no one cares about them despite the rising need for medication and food.

But those who were nowhere to be seen during the liberation struggle are now living luxurious life sending their children to study abroad. Each and everyone has his or her V8-the country of v8s. They plunder our resources and when one tries to talk they either die or face imprisonment.

The struggle seems to have no meaning to the orphans and the families affected by the 21 years of civil war. 

At this point, we give all our hopes to almighty God since we don’t know what the future holds for us but it is Him who knows better. Sunshine always follows a night, we often go to bed knowing and trusting that the sun will rise again. A better tomorrow is possible although greed wants to destroy everything. We say that with God’s helping hand I believe in a better tomorrow.

The writer is a patriotic citizen and can be reached at awilyommadut@gmail.com or via phone/WhatsApp +211921626885

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