Western Bahr El-Ghazal MPs call for unity

Western Bahr El-Ghazal MPs call for unity
MPs and the State Executives of Western Bahr-el –Gahzal in a meeting at Hai Mauna Classic Hotel, in Juba (photo credit: Keji Janefer/City Review)

JUBA – Members of Parliament representing Western Bahr-el-Ghazal State in the Reconstituted Transitional National Legislative Assembly (R-TNLA) have called for unity among politicians from the state to foster development in the area.

Mark Nyipuoch Ubong, a member of the R-TNLA under the SPLM ticket urged the governor and her deputy to base their work on the power of the revitalized peace agreement to avoid confrontation.

“I was wondering when I heard that there was a conflict in the state between the governor and the deputy governor,” Nyipuoch said.

“What is all this conflict for when you are guided by the law of the revitalized peace agreement?” the lawmaker questioned. “Each of you has a duty under the revitalized peace agreement to implement the agreement within the state.”

He urged the governor and her deputy to review the executive and the legislature in the state by choosing people who are competent and knowledgeable of the laws to move the state forward.

“This I want to stress to you here that please when you go back, review the executive to do its best of ability and review the legislature so that the state goes ahead with development.

“If you bring weak people to the parliament, then the government will not function. I want to encourage that [you] use people who are capable to move the state forward,” he stressed.

Nyipuoch appealed to the MPs who are new to the parliament to consult with the old members in case they were in need of directives.

“So, if there is something that you don’t know on the matters of procedures of the parliament, please come to us, don’t say this one is from SPLM-IO or this party, no we don’t do things like that. Come we will give you what to do.”

SPLM-IO MP Asunta Nicola Dimo said it was important for leaders from the state to come together to move the state forward.

Dimo said leaders from Western Bar-el Ghazal State have in most cases teamed up in parliament and that the culture should be upheld.

“Our state should look different [and] if there is cooperation, security, funding, and unity and spirit of work without running here and there, then Western Bahr El-Ghazal will shine,” Asunta stressed.

Asunta emphasized the importance of conducting a regular meeting at the state coordination office in Juba to discuss challenges facing the State.

“It is very important especially to us who are in the parliament, we must unite; we should support each other. Do not say this one is from the SPLM-IO or SPLM-IG. We should not let one of us fall. So we should have a forum to discuss matters of our state,” she said.

George Andrea Juma who is a legislator on the SPLM-IG ticket said the only challenge to implement some of the development activities in the state was the issue of finance.

“The Ministry of Finance does not release the money which is supposed to go to the spending agencies even if it is already allocated,” Andrea said. “So, this is one of the challenges we face in the parliament.”

The MPs aired their concerns on Wednesday during their meeting held in Juba. The meeting was chaired by Governor Sarah Cileto and attended by her Deputy Zechariah Joseph.

The governor, the purpose of the meeting was for the state executive and members of parliament in Juba to come together to coordinate their work for the benefit of the state.

Issues on the table

The meeting discussed several issues which include political development, administrative concerns, and development progress in the state.

In her remark, Governor Sarah urged the MPs to use their relationship to lobby for funds for the state government to continue with the development programs currently being undertaken.

She said the government has started constructing roads leading to the State capital Wau and will continue to implement more projects such as health and education.

“We need to do more for the people in the State especially in the education sector, our education system in the State is very weak,” the governor said.

Sarah said the government was planning to hire teachers to teach children in government schools.