Turkish Embassy pledges more support for South Sudanese

Turkish Embassy pledges more support for South Sudanese
Turkish Ambassador Erdem Mutaf speaks during the Opening of Kapuri Basic School, Luri Payam yesterday (photo credit: Mamer Abraham/The City Review)

The Turkish Ambassador to South Sudan, Erdem Mutaf, has said his government is committed to implementing many projects to support the country.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of Kapuri Basic Primary School yesterday, the ambassador said the Turkish Embassy will always support South Sudanese to bridge the gap through education projects, humanitarian assistance and capacity building.

“We will always be together with South Sudanese whenever they need our embassy’s assistance, we will try to reach every segment of South Sudanese society wherever we feel that they are vulnerable and they are in need,” said Ambassador Mutaf.

“These projects are the signs of the commitment from the Turkish Embassy and the Republic of Turkey to assist [in developing the infrastructure] of South Sudan. Humanitarian assistance, capacity building projects and education are prior objectives of our embassy here. So, thanks to the agreement we signed with the General Education and Instruction two weeks ago.”

He added the Turkish Maarif Foundation signed an agreement two weeks ago with the Ministry of General Education and Instruction for the opening of an international school in 2022 in Juba.

Mr Murtaf praised the Turkish agencies such as the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA), the Turkish Red Crescent and the Turkish Maarif Foundation for their tireless support to South Sudan through humanitarian assistance, infrastructure development and other projects.

“This project is for the renovation of the existing buildings and to the power water pump by solar energy and providing water tanks to the schools.

“We are very happy about this, and our projects will be going on, next week, we will have another project for women empowerment in cooperation with the relevant authorities here,” he added.

William Ater Machiek, the Advisor to the national Ministry of General Education and Instruction appealed to the South Sudan-friendly countries to support the country to develop.

“We are very late in whatever we are supposed to do in this country but as I said late, it is better late than never. Rwanda is moving, and I hope South Sudan will be moving. We ask the friendly countries in the world to push us to go,” he said.

The Deputy Governor of Central Equatoria State Sarah Nene appreciated the Turkish Embassy and vouched for the long-time friendship that began since the Anglo-Egyptian rule in Sudan.

She urged the national Ministry of General Education and Instruction to engage the state under Governor Emmanuel Adil Anthony to support expanding education projects for better services to the nation.

Bilateral relations

This event came just days after the 98th commemoration of the Turkish independence held last month, where Amb. Mutaf emboldened commitment to bilateral relationships.

“Turkey and South Sudan enjoy a strong bilateral relationship. The Turkish Embassy was operating for the last 10 years without interruption.

“Turkish Embassy will cooperate closely with all officials, authorities, and various international institutions for the betterment of South Sudan. On behalf of the Turkish Embassy and its staff, I thank you very much for joining us today for sharing our joy,” he said.