Turkish agency launches women entrepreneurship projects

Turkish agency launches women entrepreneurship projects
Finalla Iams, Technical Advisor for South Sudan Women Entrepreneur’s Association (C) explains some of the activities of the women to the Turkish Ambassador Mrdem Mutaf (photo credit: Alex Bullen/The City Review)

The Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA), in collaboration with the South Sudan Women Entrepreneurs Association, has launched entrepreneurship projects for disadvantaged women.

Speaking during the launch, Erdem Mutaf, the Turkish Ambassador to South Sudan, said the entrepreneurship project is one of the Turkish initiatives towards helping vulnerable groups in the country.

He said women are the better part of any given society, saying if they are built up and given a chance to exercise their knowledge in a peaceful environment, the country’s economy will be better.

Respect for women is something that the Turkish people have. Turkey, you will always see that women have the leading roles in Turkish families, ” Mr Mutaf said.

He said women have been recognised as a better part of society, adding that Turkey, through its agencies, would continue to provide the necessary support to vulnerable women to take up the development roles in the country.

“We are committed and will continue to give support to the country’s women through training and support, which means supporting them means supporting development,” he added.

Finalla Iams, the Technical Advisor for the South Sudan Women Entrepreneur’s Association (SSWEA), appreciated the effort of TIKA through the Turkish Embassy for their help to South Sudan’s women.

“I thank you very much for your continuous support to the women. If you continue to support these disadvantaged women, together we can help their children access education, which will help the country build a powerful economy, ” she said.

According to Iams, most of the members of SSWEA were women who had never gone to school but said they could do something better to support their families and even send their children to school.

 TIKA’s programme coordinator, Cafer Basli, said women entrepreneurship is one of the activities that his organisation pays special attention to in the country.

He said without the involvement of women in every aspect of social and business life, there is no possibility of them growing economically better.

“Therefore, to include disadvantaged women in members SSWEA in business life, TIKA provided show-making machines and handcraft materials and helped them improve their livelihoods in the country,” Mr Basli revealed.

He said those machines will produce many things, including handcraft materials, clothes, local baskets, and many other things.