Tributes pour for veteran journalist Bol

Tributes pour for veteran journalist Bol
The Late the former President of the Council of State Joseph Bol Chan (photo credit: courtesy)

Brave. Focused. Go-getter and professional. Those were some of the vocabularies used to describe Joseph Bol Chan, the former President of the Council of State and a veteran journalist who died in Khartoum earlier in the week.

Veteran Journalist who worked as the Editor-Chief of Citizen Newspaper, Victor Keri Kenyi eulogized Bol as a journalist who stuck to reporting the truth that helped the South Sudanese government to gain independence in 2011.

“I knew him when he was working in Malakal as Senior Journalist and later became an Editor. He was a man who didn’t sleep when it comes to reporting the news and his writing brought many changes within the society,” Kenyi told The City Review in an interview yesterday. 

He said before late Bol joined politics, he advocated for the rights and the safety of South Sudanese journalists, something that he said made most young journalists in those years to be very successful.

Keri advised South Sudanese journalists to take the footsteps of the late Bol.

He said, “what I have seen [is tgat] most of the journalists leave the profession and join politics but in the early stages but not as the late Bol did because he joined the politic after retirement from journalism.”

Bullen Yatta, another veteran journalist, said although he knew little about Mr Bol the good stories about him implied that he was a good journalist in South Sudan.

He said Bol had trained many journalists who are now working in big media houses in and outside the country.

The late Bol was born in 1949 in Lol Village in Fashoda County of Upper Nile State. He started his Primary School and Secondary School in Upper Nile State.

He graduated from a university in Hungary, Europe, and after the completion of his studies, he worked as a journalist for an English Newspaper in 

Malakal. He was Editor-Chief of English speaking Al-Mirror Newspaper.

The late Bol held several government positions in Sudan including Deputy Governor of Upper Nile State before the independence of South Sudan. Bol also served as the minister in several States in Sudan.

He also worked in the government of the late Jamafar Nimeiri in the regional government in Southern Sudan. After the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement 2005, he became a Member of Parliament.  

Later after the independence of South Sudan and the formation of the Council of State and he became the First Speaker of the Council of States.