Traffic scare as Juba Bridge renovation begins

Traffic scare as Juba Bridge renovation begins
Pedestrians cross to the outskirts of Juba through the bridge lane suspended for usage by motorists as it awaited repair in April 2020 (photo credit: The City Review)

The country’s main outlet bridge on the River Nile will undergo rehabilitation today, the presiding engineer Kenyatta Warille has revealed. 

Juba Bridge, which has undergone several maintenances by national companies since South Sudan’s independence, will this time have foreign experts to fix the damaged lane. 

“Now we have agreed to bring the expert from England and the constructors are ready to take up the work of rehabilitating the outbound lane; the lane leading from Juba to Gumbo,” said Eng. Warille was quoted by Eye Radio on Friday to have said.

The engineer said, “Some of the damaged panels will be changed and other light activities on the lane so some of them are going to get replaced such that [the] lane is going to be closed completely while the repairs are going on.”

The rehabilitation work will be expected to last for 45 days, effective from Saturday, October 2, according to Eng. Warille.

Built in 1972, Juba Bridge witnessed its first rehabilitation in 2008. This was three years before the country’s independence in 2011 with the last in series of maintenance in April 2020 by the Rhino Atar Construction Company.

It is the only lifeline to landlocked South Sudan as it offers a gateway to the neighboring countries of Uganda, Kenya, and other parts of the region.

However, the government in partnership with the Japanese counterpart is implementing the project of Freedom Bridge on the river to ease traffic and prevent the future collapse of the 49-year-old Juba Bridge.