Tombura calm after Gen. Nando, Davide reconcile

Tombura calm after Gen. Nando, Davide reconcile
James Nando (photo credit: courtesy)

The forces of Gen. James Nando and the rival youth leader Angelo Davide who were accused of causing insecurity in Tombura County conflicts have reconciled.

On Wednesday, the office of the Western Equatoria State Governor Alfred Futuyo said Gen. Nando and the youth leader Davide had forgiven each other and accepted to work together as one people of the state.

“We got reports that Gen. James Nando and leader of the armed youth Angelo Davide who had been the key worrying groups have reconciled and have forgiven each other,” statement by Governor’s press Secretary Alex Didi.

The report reached out to the governor through the peace partners and UNMISS South Sector Commander Joshi, following his visit to Tombura County.

Joshi said: “I have seen peace in the area and I have seen the warring parties have accepted to dialogue among themselves, I think for me that is a great step and it is important to make necessary arrangements for the humanitarian organisations to go back to the area.”

When contacted, Angelo Davide the, leader confirmed that his group and Gen. Nando’s group have accepted to work for peace in the area. 

“Yes, it was a few days back, we were in communications with Gen. James Nando about bringing peace in the area. It was on Monday and Tuesday that we came together and we [greeted each other and made up],” Davide said. 


While he promised not to attack Gen. Nando’s men, he maintains the self-defence position in response to any provocation.

 “We agreed to maintain peace among ourselves in Tombura County. We agreed that no one should attack each other, my group will not attack James Nando’s group and his group should do the same.”

He said since they reconciled two days ago, no case of attack has been reported on either side saying the area is calm and people are carrying their normal activities without any threat.

He said the place remained empty as people were still sheltering in UNMISS, churches and other places where they sought protection.

“There is peace in Tombura County for these two days and we have seen people starting to visit some of the inaccessible areas, including some water points. We have been seen people moving freely,” the youth leader said

Mr Davide urged the government and partners to visit the Internally Displaced Persons to assess the needs of the people.

“The situation of the IDPs remained terrible, it needs urgent help and attention by everyone, as we recommitted ourselves for the peace in the country, I believe that helping the displaced people would be big for the coming back home,” he added.  

However, The City Review tried to reach Gen. Nando for comment but it was unsuccessful by press time.