The United Kingdom should not bully Africa

The United Kingdom should not bully Africa

It is one month ago since the African Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC) raised concerns over the United Kingdom’s (UK) position to not recognise COVID-19 vaccines administered on the continent for travel to Britain.

In September, the UK government said, “a person in Africa who has received a jab of a vaccine distributed by the United Kingdom will not be recognised as having been vaccinated for the purpose of travel to England,” SABC reported.

In response, the Africa Centres for Disease Control (CDC) described the order as discriminatory considering that Africa has been receiving AstraZeneca jabs from the same UK, through the COVAX facility.

Although the UK has been instrumental in supplying vaccines to the continent, it makes no sense if at the same time it says they will not recognise people that have been vaccinated with those vaccines.

You can imagine the confusion as to the UK’s manufactured AstraZeneca that is massively being supplied to Africa and then at the end, those who receive it will not be considered vaccinated.

This is a total mess that African leaders need to make a clear decision about when they stop embracing AstraZeneca, or the UK should tell the reason behind the objection to the vaccine it supplies to the continent.

Does it mean the vaccine is unreliable or there is a conflict of interest between the UK government, Oxford, and AstraZeneca?

So, the UK government should be clear instead of confusing people with a message that makes them doubt the credibility of the vaccine in reducing the risk of getting the COVID-19 spread. This same statement from the UK government implies that AstraZeneca is not a reliable vaccine.

The question you may now ask is: why does the government of the UK allow Oxford-AstraZeneca to continue producing more vaccines to be supplied in Africa?

This is discrimination against the African race by not recognising their efforts as contributors to the survival of fellow human beings.

Indeed, Africa is the richest continent on earth with a lot of natural and human resources. Unfortunately, their efforts have never been appreciated or recognized by Western countries.

They always think their products are the best compared to the ones made by Africans and whatever the continent comes up with is not always recognized. It is a retrogressive perception.