‘That’s red line’: memorable quotes from ex-mayor Kalisto

‘That’s red line’: memorable quotes from ex-mayor Kalisto
Former Juba City Council Mayor, Kalisto Lado Faustino (photo credit: JCC)

The Mayor of Juba City Council Kalisto Lado Faustino got sacked by Governor Emmanuel Adil on Thursday when many least anticipated. Known for his sharp-piercing and memorable words, The City Review now documents some of the quotes from the former boss of Juba City Council.

8 November 2021; City Review

On hygiene and sanitation in Juba

“We believe [that] keeping Juba clean, green and safe will be an achievement and we will keep Juba City free of the garbage soon.”

19 October 2021; City Review

On speculations of being appointed as Managing Director of Nilepet.

“I want to say I cannot be the mayor and the managing director at the same time. It is up to the leadership now [to decide] who to appoint. There are so many sons and daughters of South Sudan who are qualified and have experience and anyone appointed will handle that position.”

“Those who want me to be appointed as the Managing Director of Nilepet have given me more moral. They made me feel that what I am doing here in Juba City Council is supported by the citizens.’’

 “I was not appointed as a Mayor in order to sit in my office and wait for the report. I also need to show my subjects that leaders also work. This will motivate them to serve.”

13 October 2021; City Review

On the demolition and complaints from traders that they should be compensated for property lost.

“There is no compensation for anybody who builds along the road, or for anybody who illegally occupies a piece of land that is not his or hers. In our policy and our strategic plan, we are expanding the market and we are creating more markets for our traders.”

 “It is one thing to have land and it is also one thing to identify those traders who are already practising the business. We shall create enough opportunities for our traders.”

 On cleaning the city

“We are equal to the rest of the world so we must adapt to cleanliness. People should not say cleaning of Juba is the responsibility of the Juba City Council alone. It is a responsibility of everybody so let the people of South Sudan [must] cooperate and work together with Juba City Council to put things in order.’’

16 September 2021; City Review

Warning English Premier League fans and bars against noise

“That one is the red line. There is a limit to any freedom. The enjoyment of someone should not be at the expense of others,” he said.

25 August 2021; City Review

On warning against anti-government protest

“South Sudan will stop any kind of nonsense, any kind of network, and anything that causes destruction and we shall stop it’’.

22 May 2021; City Review

Warning against interference in engaging traders to reduce prices of commodities

‘‘Traders must pay the taxes…if you expect good services. I have the responsibility to protect the citizens of this country. There should be no interference’’.

13 April 2021; City Review

On the campaign to clean Juba

“Cleaning the city is a collective responsibility for both the government and citizens. They are partners in ensuring the hygiene of the City. As we will be collecting the garbage, let people not throw their refuse in the middle of the road,”

 “Cleaning the city does not stop, because it is a daily activity. What we want to achieve is that cleanness should be exercised such that it becomes part of our public culture. This campaign is endless, you cannot stop garbage and cleaning”.

11 April 2021; City Review

Commenting on crackdown on criminal elements in Juba

“We have also directed the security organs that they deal with the issue of the Toronto and Niggass because they grab women’s handbags and weaves.’’