Striking interns at Al-Sabbah hospital resume work

Striking interns at Al-Sabbah hospital resume work

Medical interns at Al-Sabbah Children’s Hospital have called off their strike after spending 10 days off duty.

In a statement seen by The City Review, the interns gave the hospital administration two weeks to approve a minimum cash amount of SSP25,000 to SSP 50,000 each for daily transport fare, water, and feeding.

“We are requesting your quick intercession to this situation that jeopardises the lives of interns and the beneficiaries at large. The period given to the hospital’s administration is effective from November 12, 2021, and shall expire on the 25th November 2021,” the statement reads in part.

The document, dated November 12, 2021, was signed by six medical interns.

The group said they lifted the strike on conditions that their COVID-19 risk allowance is paid within two weeks without any discrimination; whether someone is a clinical officer or doctor.

Last Friday, the interns met with the state and national ministries of health, who promised to address their demands.

‘‘The response was promising, with the exception of internal demands that have not been resolved despite various suggested solutions.”

‘‘The COVID-19 risk allowances were to be paid uniformly to all the interns and the other health workers serving in other health facilities such as the Juba Teaching Hospital,” they noted in the statement.

However, the officials agreed that monthly incentives could not be paid by the national or state ministry due to a lack of budget.

According to the students, the Executive Director of the Al-Sabbah Children’s Hospital has not delivered on the resolution he made last week.

“We are requesting the state and national authorities to intervene in this matter for the future welfare of interns within Al-Sabbah Children’s Hospital.”

However, the interns have resumed work without any formal agreement, and they are not sure when the national and state ministries of health will settle the matter.

Most of them said they are just working for the sake of the sick children at the hospital while they wait for a positive response from the health authorities.