SSNMC installs Bakosoro successor

SSNMC installs Bakosoro successor
Bangasi Joseph Bakosoro, Minister of Public Service (photo supplied)

The South Sudan National Movement for Change (SSNMC) has elected its party secretary-general, Maj. Gen. Moro Issac Jenessio as the new chairman.

Maj. Gen. Jenessio replaced the former chairman Joseph Bangasi Bakosoro who abandoned his party in July 2021 and rejoined the South People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) party.

Since then the SSNMC party had been headed by Ishag Elias Ibrahim Towo who was the deputy chairman of the party as the interim chairperson.

In August 2021, the SSNMC leadership announced that they had started plans of electing a new chairman to replace Mr Bakosoro, the party’s founder.

“We have a constitution as a party which provides that in an event where the chair [is] unable to continue in his/her position, the deputy chair should take over and then conduct the election after 90 days,” Jenessio said in August this year.

On Saturday, September 25, 2021, SSNMC elected Maj. Gen. Moro Issac Jenessio as the new chairman of the party during their extraordinary convention held in Juba to continue with the implementation of the peace process.

In an exclusive interview with City Review yesterday, Gen. Jenessio confirmed that the SSNMC leadership council elected him as the new leader until the next convention is held.

“We had an extraordinary meeting as SSNMC in which election for party chairmanship was held and the electoral committee confirmed me as the new chairman in the presence of some of the party representatives who attended the meeting,” Gen. Jenessio said. 

He said the process was free and fair, adding that the SSNMC had series of meetings as members of the leadership council under the leadership of the former acting chair which formed an electoral body for a peaceful election.  

Task ahead

The chair assured the citizens of SSNMC commitment for peace implementation of the peace agreement based on democratic principles of the party.

He said the SSNMC was not for war, adding “we have been active in the implementation peace process, our voices as a party are always the voice of peace and we want to ensure the peace agreement is successfully implemented. We intended to build a big party that will be an alternative for the change.”

According to him, SSNMC was trying to develop a party in which every South Sudanese will have the freedom of choice.

Gen. Jenessio encouraged his party members to embark on the dissemination of the mission, vision, and objectives of the party to grassroots people.

“Let them know that the SSNMC is here to stay, and it is the principal party to the peace agreement and SSOA. So, it is an opportunity for each and everyone to come and join the SSNMC so that we continue together with the transformation we envisioned to go through.”

He said SSNMC is much stronger because it has members in all the 10 states including the administrative area adding that he believes the party is growing much more than before with the same spirit of transformation in the country.

“My message to the people of South Sudan is that SSNMC is a party that [is] based on mission, vision, and objectives; it is a party which is here to stay, and it is the party that provides a platform for change for everyone who is peace-loving and everyone who believes in democracy,” SSNMC new leader stressed.

Maj. Gen. Moro Issac Jenessio is the current Minister of Local Government and Law Enforcement in Central Equatoria State.

Return to SPLM

In June this year, Mr Bakosoro returned to the ruling party Sudan People’s Liberation Party (SPLM) saying his decision hinged on the clamour to entrench peaceful coexistence in the Western Equatoria State.

“As leaders of the National Movement for Change (NMC), I am aware of the repercussions of the decision but it is worth taking for the sake of peaceful co-existence among our people of South Sudan and more especially people in Western Equatoria State,” Bakasoro said. “I am appealing to all our people, supporters, and our diehards to bear with us and accept the decision. We shall be blamed, we shall be hated, we shall be laughed at, yet we shall prevail over odds for the sake and unity of SPLM and South Sudanese people.”

He then revealed that he decided to mend the rifts occasioned by polarisation, particularly among the youth. 

“I am taking that political decision on behalf of the NMC family because I want peace and social cohesion among South Sudanese people and to stop suspicion against the people of Western Equatoria State,” Bakasoro announced.