SSFA President Maduot reflects on 100 days of tenure

SSFA President Maduot reflects on 100 days of tenure
[L-R] Charles Udwar, deputy, Augustino Maduot Parek, President, and Joseph Apai, Deputy Secretary General of SSFA during press briefing (photo credit: SSFA)

The Confederation of African Football (CAF) has notified South Sudan Football Association (SSFA) to prepare for the introduction of the first Pan African Football Championship.

The SSFA President Gen. Augustino Maduot said this in a press conference he conducted on the progress and the challenges faced by his administration in his first 100 days in office.

Having taken over the office after a comfortable electoral victory, Gen. Maduot called the media to recapture his ups and downs in the past three months as the most powerful authority governing football in the country.   

“Yesterday, we had a meeting with CAF in the presence of the Minister of Sports and Youth which the minister of education was supposed to be there. There is a new initiative from the CAF for establishing what is called Pan African Football Championship,” Gen. Maduot disclosed. 

According to him, the competitions will involve the participation of girls and boys starting from the ages of 8, 13, 14, and 15. He revealed that the schools will be competing at the national level, and zonal level and then compete at a continental level. 

The SSFA boss said his leadership would offer unwavering support for the initiative, adding that they had good benefits necessary for someone to grow his or her career.

“There is good prize value for that competition. If you win, you get money to build a school or whatever the school will do with it and of course they will be providing footballs and other training materials,” Maduot said.

Gen. Maduot said the introduction of the new Pan African Football inter-school championship was good news to the country they try to promote talents among young people. 

“Of course, for us is good which we need to engage more of our youth to develop talents at the grassroots level. It is very good for us to support the new project”. 

The competition will be yearly and each participating country will be expected to organise inter-school local leagues to produce the two best teams (girls and boys aged between 13-16) from each country.

The schools will then participate in zonal competitions. Best teams from five zones, that is to say Eastern, Southern, Western, Northern, and Central Africa will then compete at a continent level. The competition is expected to commence next year.

About the football development in the country, President Maduot revealed that since he took over in July, his team has been working together as one family of SSFA to make sure things progress.

He revealed that since he took over the office, they had held over seven extraordinary meetings with board members and the leadership of SSFA.

Maduot added that as a partial part of the government, he said his leadership met with the line ministry which is the minister of sports and youth several times to discuss how the government could support football in the country which he said were all fruitful.

According to the SSFA boss, the plans are possible, assessable, and reliable if the funds are available.

He outlined some of the key points he addressed within 100 days.

Some of the meetings have encompassed occasions where he and his deputy held met with private stakeholders, not forgetting the CAF President, FIFA SG, and the advisor of the Royal Moroccan Football Association. The SSFA boss was confident that the meetings have proven to be fruitful in terms of football federation within the country.

He said the appointment of Mr Stefano Cusin as the head coach of the South Sudan senior national team was another achievement they had made.

 He said his administration had also achieved the inclusion of women in the board of directors committee, raising the number to 3 (three).

Other milestones 

Ø Activation of Memorandum of Understanding between SSFA/Moroccan Football Federation as well as between SSFA/Qatar Football Federation.

Ø Institution of functioning committees, for instance; Marketing and Investment committee, National Team Committee, Information, and Communication Committee and others.

Ø His administration also organised several capacity building training for the head of the SSFA department on football management, Referees training, instructors training

Ø There are plans in place to construct artificial turf for the 16 Local Football Association.

 Maduot also revealed that the Juba National Stadium is scheduled for completion next year due to funding setbacks. 

He also disclosed the plans for sports journalists’ capacity-building training which he said will begin anytime if things are right.

He further reiterated his administration’s commitment to developing football in the country, adding that his plans to achieve more in the coming days based on the memorandum of understanding signed. 


However, he said the big challenge facing the SSFA is the lack of funds to support football activities in the country. 

“Of course, we would have been better if there is support from the government, private sector, and other stakeholders, for all those plans to succeed, we need support from everywhere from those groups I mentioned,” he stressed.  

He added that his administration started engaging some private sector to lobby for them where necessary they can give their support to SSFA to develop football in the country. 

Among the private and government, he said they have engaged so far are MTN, Zain, telecom communication and ministries of communication, telecommunication, ministry of petroleum, and ministry of investments and others.