SSDF officer faces prosecution over son’s murder

SSDF officer faces prosecution over son’s murder

Police in Northern Bahr el Ghazal State has said the investigation into the case in which a man in Aweil shot dead his son has been completed.

The Police Spokesperson in Aweil, Capt. Guot Akol, said the Police have handed over the matter to the Attorney-General for referral to the court hearing after the probe.

“We have completed the investigation and the requirements that are needed [have been] forwarded to the Attorney General to refer it to the court,” said Capt. Akol

On Thursday, October 7, Tong Deng allegedly shot dead Akon Tong Deng in an unclear circumstance which Police referred to as a protracted family dispute.

An eyewitness account revealed that “Deng and his son had a long family issue which resulted in him shooting the son dead.”

However, an unconfirmed report said Mr. Deng, an SSPDF soldier, shot his son Akon following several warnings to the deceased to abstain from inheriting his late brother’s widow.

Speaking to The City Review in a phone interview from Aweil on Monday, Capt. Akol said the suspect will be charged under section 206 of the South Sudan Panel Code 2998 if found guilty.


A person who is found guilty under the [said] section could get sentenced to death or imprisonment for a term not less than 10 years.

Capt. Akol said the situation remains calm following last week’s incidence; the first of its kind in the state.

In August 2021, Northern Bahr el Ghazal Police Inspector, Lt. Col. Deng Chier, reported a related incident in which a man in Aweil killed his mother over the family wealth.

“The woman killed by her son in the Akoong area called Adut Dut, 45 years old, and her son is Duang Tong Think. The reason for the murder was that the son sold two of the family’s cows last year and left for Sudan,’’ Chier said in a statement in August this year.

“He came back two weeks ago and tried to sell the only remaining cow together with its calf but the mother refused to release the cow,” he added.

“He accused his mother of gossiping about him. The mother responded that she never gossiped about him, and while she was leaving the house, the son hit her with a cup and she fell and died immediately.’’

The suspect was arrested by the Police and was yet to face justice.