SPLA-IO to screen forces in training centres

SPLA-IO to screen forces in training centres

The Sudan People’s Liberation Army in Opposition (SPLA-IO) has said it will start screening its forces at the training centres soon.

The SPLA-IO spokesperson, Col Gabriel Lam Paul, said despite the challenges and complaints from the National Transitional Committee over the lack of resources, the SPLA-IO has resolved to send its components to the training centres to do the screening without any resources.

“We know we will face challenges with transportation, but we task our leadership to be able to get us transport so that we can reach the training centres,” he said.

“We know that there are forces that are in the training centres, and we know that they lack food in the training centres.”

“The SPLA-IO has decided to face these challenges together with the forces in the training centres by sending this committee to do their job regardless of these challenges that we have,” Col Lam stressed.

He made the statement while addressing a press conference in Juba yesterday.

Consult first                  

He did, however, state that the SPLA-IO leadership would first consult with the SSPDF, SSOA, and the Inspector General of Police before sending their team because they could not wait for resources.

“We want to make sure the security arrangement moves forward at the moment everything gets down because we always receive complaints of lack of resources. We need to make sure this time we move forward. “

Col Lam stated that once the screening of the forces is completed, the forces can be unified in the training centres for graduation.

“The leadership is trying to call upon support from those who can provide us with logistics, especially from the peace partners or the implementing partners of this agreement, like the UN and CTSCAM, to be able to transport these committees to places that are not accessible,” he said.

The SPLA-IO military spokesperson said places like Kaljak, Moum in Bentu, are very far away and they cannot be accessed either by road or even by the board.

“So we request the CTSCAM to ferry this committee and send them to the training centres regardless of whether we have funding or not because we need to move forward, that is as far as the screening and reorganisation of the forces in the training centres are concerned,” Col. Lam stressed.