South Supreme Airlines demands victims details

South Supreme Airlines demands victims details

The South Supreme Airline defense lawyer has requested the court to compel the victims’ lawyers to provide details of documents confirming the victims’ relationship with the airline.

Advocate Joseph Manyiel, who is the defense counsel for the South Supreme Airline Company in the court case against the victims’ families of the Pieri Plane crash, told the court yesterday that it was necessary to have full documents of the victims.

“We have studied the documents that were presented to us but we feel that it is important for the lawyer of the victims to provide us with the following: contract, transport document, travel tickets before we come for the next hearing,” reads Manyiel’s letter presented to Malakia Court Judge and victims defense lawyer.

The two parties are expected to return to the court next Monday.

On September 24, 2021, the court was forced to adjourn the first hearing after the defense lawyer for South Supreme Airlines failed to appear. Again on September 30, the second hearing was adjourned after the airline’s company defense lawyer asked the court to grant him more time to study the document given by the court.

“I think [this] is a court procedure, we are patient and the only thing we can do is to continue to follow the rules of the court.

‘‘What the company’s lawyer asked for is not bad they are all there (document) I hope even if we are asked to bring them today, [we] will bring the documents but we have to wait to meet here on Monday,” John Kiel Mayoul, one of the families representative said after yesterday’s adjournment.

“Most importantly we have started the procedures and they are now on board but again we wish it goes without delay,” he added.