South Sudan, Uganda initiate visa waiver plan

South Sudan, Uganda initiate visa waiver plan

The government of Uganda has written to South Sudan requesting for visa restriction waiver.

Kim Gai Ruot, South Sudan’s Member of Parliament at the East Africa Legislative Assembly (EALA) told City Review that they met with Uganda’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Gen. Haji Abubaker Jeje and officials from the Revenue Authority in Kampala on Wednesday as Members of Parliament.

He said the request letter for visa waiver was handed to them by Uganda’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Gen. Odongo and that they have forwarded it to South Sudan’s Ministries of Interior and Foreign Affairs.

“We are now waiting for the response from Juba. Until they reply, it [the visa waiver] cannot be implemented,” Rout said.


He said visa restriction waiver between Uganda and South Sudan will serve in the best interest of both citizens, adding that currently there are millions of South Sudanese living in Uganda.

Rout said these people are paying visas after every three months which he said has been of burden to them.

In July 2021, Kenya and South Sudan declared an end to visa requirements for their nationals visiting the two countries in a bid to boost integration.

The decision means South Sudanese traveling to Kenya will be entitled to enter for free, as long as they carry a valid passport and meet other health conditions for travelers.

In return, Kenyans will no longer need to apply and pay for South Sudanese visas online before travel.