South Sudan joins international union of cyclists

South Sudan joins international union of cyclists
East African cyclists in a past event in Uganda. (photo credit: Courtesy)

The South Sudan Cycling Federation has finally joined the Confederation of African Cycling (CAC) and Union of Cyclists International (UCI).

South Sudan now becomes the 54th country to be affiliated with the Confederation of African Cycling and to the International Union of Cyclists.

On March 14, 2021, the Confederation of African Cyclists accepted South Sudan’s request to join the union after the country’s cycling federation failed the first request to be affiliated to CAC and UCI two years back.

But the second one was accepted by CAC which submitted the request to the International Union of Cyclists for ratification.

The long dream became in reality in Brussels, Belgium, last week, at its UCI 2021 Congress.

South Sudan joined the UCI with four other new members: Federations of Solomon Islands, Equatorial Guinea, and the Vatican.

David Lappartient, President of the Union of Cyclist International, has lovingly welcomed the new members to UCI.

“A warm welcome to the National Federations of Equatorial Guinea, Solomon Islands, South Sudan, and the Vatican, affiliated to the UCI at today’s Congress. The UCI now has 201-member National Federations, exceeding the goal set out in our UCI Agenda 2022,” Mr. Lappartient, tweeted. 

According to the UCI president, the federation’s Agenda 2022, has been reached and exceeded. 

“The objective of reaching 200 affiliated National Federations by the end of my term. There are now 201 affiliated National Federations.”

The Union Cyclists International (UCI) is the world governing body of cycling. It groups together 197 National Federations.