Sherikat youths invade Kampala park demanding jobs

Sherikat youths invade Kampala park demanding jobs

Hundreds of youths in Sherikat yesterday stormed the Kampala bus park to demand 70 per cent employment at the park.

The group blocked the main gate of the bus park, accusing Ugandan nationals of dominating work at the Juba-Kampala bus park. At least one Ugandan was injured by the angry mob.

They said most of the bus operators are Ugandans and accused them of neglecting the locals while holding banners that advocate for 70 per cent job opportunities to the bus park job.

Deng Majok, one of the Sherikat residents confirmed to The City Review that the protestors were demanding work at the park.

“I took my phone for charging when I found the locals were demonstrating at the main gate of Kampala bus park. They were carrying banners which read that ‘‘we do not need any more foreigners here, this job from today will be for us.”

“They wanted work to be for them instead of the Ugandans because and they are saying the Ugandans are controlling most of the jobs in the park,” said Majok.

Majok said there have been misunderstandings between the Ugandans and the locals, especially whenever they approach them for jobs.

Chaos erupts              

“Whenever our people want jobs from them, they don’t allow them. This is what caused the conflict today. A Ugandan was beaten and bleeding on his head,” Majok told The City Review on a telephone interview.

Majok added that fighting was stopped by government officials in Sherikat and the situation was calm. He said the incident had instilled fear in most of the foreigners living in the Sherikat residential area.

“I think from tomorrow, there will be no more foreigners working there only South Sudanese will be working there,” he said.

However, local government authorities in the area have condemned the protests, saying the protestors should have first presented the concerns to them.

Several sources in Sherikat said Ugandans had been dominating the jobs at the Kampala bus park before it was relocated from Custom to Sherikat in 2015.

Sunday Akim, the inspector of Friendship Bus Company who is also a Ugandan national, said they had been surviving on petty deals of luggage. 

The customs officials working at the bus park said there has been no serious business within Kampala park especially after they stopped charging Ugandans who are living within the park.

“There is no business taking place here at the park. We don’t even charge Ugandans working for bus companies who live with us here in the park because of that,” said Jack Simon who said he was the Head of Security with Professional Security Unit in Sherikat.