S. Sudanese elected deputy speaker of EAC Youth Parliament

S. Sudanese elected deputy speaker of  EAC Youth Parliament
Deputy Speaker of EAC Youth Parliament Joyce Lamanya Solomon Abaha taking an oath of office (photo credit: courtesy)

Joyce Lamanya Solomon Abaha, a South Sudanese, was on Thursday elected the Deputy Speaker of the East African Community Youth Parliament.

“Peter Paul Siniga has been elected speaker of the  Vijana with Joyce Solomon Lamanya as deputy speaker,” a Twitter post by Faraja Television said.

The EAC Parliament began its deliberations on Thursday and concluded yesterday with the calls on the East African Community partner states to put in place post-COVID-19 recovery measures. This is for the economic transformation of youth through decent jobs and livelihoods.

It also discussed child protection services, solving education crisis, access to justice by youth, internet exposing youth to pornography and girl child access to free sanitary towels in East African countries among other motions.

Josephine Lemoyaan advised the youth to always ensure they represent their nations through good conduct.

A statement from Jesus Deng Atem in Arusha Tanzania noted the youth parliament was comprised of youth who want to have a parliament in the EAC and but had nothing connected to the national members of parliament.

“The election that took place was not for the national parliament of partner states of East Africa. It was a youth parliament that has nothing to do with South Sudan Legislative Assembly, but we are proud because she is one of us. She is a South Sudanese,” he said.

“So, this is a youth parliament, and our caucus here, we call ourselves young parliamentarians. They are called youth, these are civil society and another group of young people who want to have a parliament. So, you mentor them for them to be in the national assembly like some of us,” Deng said.

Sources revealed that Joyce won the competitive race narrowly referring to it as the “most difficult electoral race”.

East African Youth Parliament

On November 19, 2018, the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) inaugurated the EAC Youth Parliament in Arusha, Tanzania.

The ceremony was attended by over 100 legislators from the East African Community Partner states who deliberated on key issues regarding the youth in the region.

The youth advocate for ratification and domestication of the African Charter on democracy and elections in East Africa by the EAC Partner States.

Joyce urged the youth to change their mindset for the achievement of socio-economic development.

“I need to encourage you to add one aspect to your safe spaces– and that is the often ignored – but all too important matter of “space of the mind”.   We need a safe mental space; by changing our mindset,” she said.

“We must at all times transcend the nationalistic tendencies and think regional in our approach to issues so we are strong advocates and champions of the integration process,” Joyce added.