Rumbek East completes voluntary disarmament exercise

Rumbek East completes voluntary disarmament exercise

The communities of Rumbek East County of Lakes State have completed a voluntary disarmament drive before the December 1, 2021, deadline set by the state government, the police said.

Last week, Governor Rin Tueny Mabor launched voluntary disarmament across the State and called on all local leaders, including chiefs, to help in the mobilization process.

Speaking to The City Review yesterday, Lakes State Police Spokesperson, Maj. Elijah Mabor Makuac said people in Rumbek East County had commended the accomplishment of the voluntary disarmament drive ahead of the deadline.

“Like in Rumbek East County, it was first the commissioner who began the initiative and they have collected all their guns and assembled them in one place waiting for the deadline and the date that will be fixed for handing them over to the government,” Mabor told The City Review yesterday.

“The state government is continuing to pass the same message to the communities. Now our governor left to Greater Yirol to deliver the same message because all the illegal guns should be voluntarily collected until the first of December 2021,” he added.

He said according to the report they received in the last two days,  there was a willingness among the communities to voluntarily hand over guns.

Maj. Mabor said the government has completed conducting awareness in Rumbek Central, North and Rumbek East.

He said the team is now in Greater Yirol where they will start from Aluak Luak of Yirol West and proceed to Yirol East. Wulu and Kaibat Counties will be the areas of sensitization.