PLP members vow fresh revolt against Mayen

PLP members vow fresh revolt against Mayen
OPP’s Peter Mayen (photo credit: File)

The Deputy Chairman of Peoples’ Liberal Party (PLP) Deng Ayok has vowed to investigate individuals nominated by Peter Mayen Majongdit to represent the party in the parliament.

On Thursday, Other Political Parties (OPP) agreed to nominate their representatives to the parliament in a meeting shared by President Salva Kiir. Then on Friday, the nominees of OPP comprising of the PLP members were appointed in a presidential decree into Reconstituted Transitional National Legislatures.

However, Deng said after their meeting on Thursday, Peter Mayen (pictured) decided to nominate the members of PLP alone without consulting the party’s leadership.

He said although the members had already been appointed, the PLP doubted Mayens’ credibility.

 “We are going to investigate every individual that he nominated and we will tell the public who they are whether they are from the SSPDF, his friends, or relatives we will prove out. We will continue to fight and we will not keep quiet,” Deng warned.

“We don’t see where we are going wrong legally and technically, this is our right and we do not agree with him and these are our reasons. We have to be convinced why we should listen to him or why should continue to be pushed to go to him,” he added.

Not recognised

He said the PLP and the umbrella do not recognise those individuals who were nominated by Peter Mayen on the ticket of the umbrella.

The deputy chairman of PLP further noted that the party members were filing a case against Mayen because the country’s leadership has failed to listen to their position, allowing Mayen to participate in politics on the PLP ticket.

“If the government does not listen to our position, then it must know that we have already handed over our concerns and grievances to our lawyer who is now working on a case against Peter Mayen’s impersonation,” Deng told the City Review.

“Technically speaking, he does not represent any political party and nobody is responding to our position. So if the PLP terminated his membership, he does not represent us as a chairperson then he cannot represent the Umbrella group or OPP,” he added.

“If the law does not listen to us as well then we will move to the East African Court and we will go all the way to the end of the world to make sure our position heard,” Deng said.

Last month Peter Mayen was dismissed by his party’s members the Peoples’ Liberal Party and his dismissal was subsequently endorsed by members of the Other Political Parties.