Pibor to embark on disarmament drive

Pibor to embark on disarmament drive
Participants following the discussions that resolved to have civilians disarmamed to reduce abductions in GPAA (photo credit: GPAA office)

Four communities occupying the Greater Pibor Administrative Area have reached a consensus to conduct a joint disarmament campaign to weed out child abductions.

 Murle, Anyuak, Jie, and Kachiepo communities are convinced that the exercise will also provide a boost for solving rampant human trafficking in the area.

“We will work hand in hand so that we can be able to return the abducted children and raided cattle to the rightful owners,”  one of the community delegates to the peace conference said.

The decision was resolved during a three-day peace conference that concluded last week in Pochalla town.

The peace conference brought together 70 participants comprising politicians from both national and state levels, chiefs, women, youth representatives, church leaders, and organized forces.

The conference was aimed at stopping child abduction, cattle raiding and promoting child rights.

Speaking on the closing day, Chief Administrator of GPAA Lokoli Amee Bullen stressed the importance of unity, peace, and reconciliation among the communities in Pibor.

Bullen warned the people against road ambushes and cattle raids adding that whoever will be caught shall be dealt with accordingly.

“We want stability in our administrative area and not mistrust among our people. We need to unite to build a united community. If we find you committing a crime, I will not let you go unpunished whether you are a Murle, Anyuak, Jie, or Kachiepo.

“We have already started and some criminals are now in Juba prison,” he stated.

Bullen emphasized the issues affecting children’s rights, particularly the negative vices of early child marriage.

“Yes, people give their young girls as early as 7 years old for marriage not because they like it but because they are looking for wealth. And, those who receive young girls are proud of doing this with no shame. They must all face justice,” Bullen said.

The National Deputy Minister of Information Baba Medan Konyi said there was a need for unity among the people in GPAA.

“Our people are one and so we must unite as one people from GPAA. We should also be united with our neighbors in other states.

“We want our people to move freely and [develop] and that is the priority in our area. We are also working hard to boost communication and make networks available all over the GPAA,” Konyi said.

He added that his office had installed a telecommunication network in Kuron and that another installation is ongoing in Boma and will be opened in late September.

“When it is done, we will construct a strong tower here in Pochalla in January 2022, and will do the same in Likwangole, Gumuruk, Vertet, and Pochalla North,” he assured.

The delegates at the conference agreed on the need for the disarmament of the civil population to stop child abduction in the region.

The group called for the deployment of soldiers in GPAA to carry out the disarmament as well as to monitor the movement of criminals along the inter-state borders.

The three-day conference also resolved to hand over the issues of intoxicating substances and excessive consumption of alcohol to the police.