Pibor, Jonglei seek fair dowry to end cattle raiding

Pibor, Jonglei seek fair dowry to end cattle raiding

The authorities in Jonglei State and Pibor Administrative Area have called on the local communities to reduce the dowry demands to end cattle raids and child abductions in the region.

The authorities have said the demand for high dowry has forced most youth to get involved in illegal activities such as cattle raids and child abductions, which have so far remained thorny.

The Minister of Information for the Greater Pibor Administrative Area, Jay Adangor, said unless the communities agree on a fair dowry rate, it will be difficult to end crime in the two regions.

 “It’s difficult for the cattle raiding and child abduction to stop unless the communities themselves agree, but the government is there to propose for the communities if they have accepted.” If it is fine, but if not, it is not going to work, “Jay told The City Review in a telephone interview yesterday.

“These young people who have married and those who have are yet to marry are from these communities, and they are the same people who are raising the number of cattle needed for dowries. So, they have to agree,” he added.

However, he stated that the government was committed to continuing the distribution of peace messages, which began this month and will last until the dry season.

Problems to be addressed

Jay said the issue of dowries will be addressed during the dry season when the communities can gather together for discussion.

 “People are looking for a way to find a solution to the ongoing massive fighting and other related criminal cases within the region. This was proposed as one of the solutions, ” he said.

“Some of the leaders believe that the payment of high bride prices during marriages is the major cause of cattle raids and child abductions in Greater Pibor and Jonglei State.” 

Last week, during the proposed plan on the reduction of bride prices, the Chief Administrator of the Greater Pibor Administrative Area, Lokole Ame, and his Jonglei State counterpart, agreed to work together.

They appealed for the intervention of the national parliament for the execution of the resolutions.

He said the two areas are against the vices because they are the main cause of conflict in the area.

In January 2021, a group of 250 community representatives from Jonglei State and Pibor Administrative Area signed a peace agreement after a people-to-people conference at Freedom Hall, Juba.

The two-day conference ended with a warning shot by President Salva Kiir as he urged the residents to desist from engaging in any other form of violence again.

The president told the delegates—comprising the youth, women, and elders from Bor Dinka, Gawaar, and Lou Nuer, Murle, and Anhuak—that the government would not intervene again to stop violence next time the communities go to fight, and he promised not to go and intervene.

During the conference, the Vice President for Economic Cluster, Dr James Wani Igga, called on the communities to stop exploiting brides in the name of dowries. Igga warned that the culture was perpetuating cattle theft.