Parliament adopts conduct of business regulation

Parliament adopts conduct of business regulation
A view of the Transitional National Legislative Assembly (Photo by Reuters)

By Keji Janefer

JUBA – The Reconstituted Transitional National Legislative Assembly has adopted the conduct of business regulation amended in 2021.

This comes as the August house embarks on a myriad of pending tasks awaiting accomplishment within the shortest space of time possible.

On the same occasion, the parliament also constituted the service committee in the first sitting of the assembly to amend the conduct of business in the parliament.

George Andrea Juma, Chairperson of the constituted service committee said the main objective of the committee is to review the conduct of business as the parliament is reconstituted and there are so many things that need amendment.

Andrea said among some of the items which need to be amended are the number of committees, the deputy speakers, functions of the committees, and renaming some committees according to their line ministries.

“This committee is to review and amend the conduct of business. We use to have only two deputy speakers but now we are going to have 3 deputy speakers,” Andrea explained.

Andrea state that there are other things inclusive of the business procedure which need to be amended and reviewed based on the experiences of the parliament.

“So there are areas that need to be adjusted and that is why this committee was formed so that we can go through the procedures of business with the members of the parliament and then we see which areas need to be amended or which articles need to be amended and also which are the things that we need to introduce in the conduct of business based on the current situation,” Andrea explained to The City Review on a telephone interview.

He said the committee is only to work on the conduct of business to guide the house in their deliberations and also to put in place the rules so that the members can participate.

Andrea also said the next sitting of the parliament will be after two weeks and that the speaker has given the committees fifteen days to discuss and to make their reports.

“The next sitting will be after two weeks after we have divided into committees because we were given only fifteen days,” said Andrea.