Over 70 aid workers evacuated from Pibor to Bor town

Over 70 aid workers evacuated from Pibor to Bor town

At least 78 aid workers attached to humanitarian agencies in the Greater Pibor Administrative Area (GPAA) have been evacuated to Bor Town.

The safety measure came after the local youth issued a 72-hour ultimatum demanding the withdrawal of about 30 humanitarian workers serving the communities in the area.

The youth accused the local aid workers of occupying the jobs they claimed should have been left for the natives.

Minister of Information and Communication of Greater Pibor Administrative Area Jay Adigora said authorities were working hard and closely with the national government to ensure the youth do not cause violence.

“The government is working hard to see that the scenario [ejection of aid workers] does not repeat itself,’’ Said Adigora, as he continued to reveal that Chief Administrator of GPAA “Lokali Amae Bullen met with the delegation of the United Nations and other organizations working in Pibor’’ and requested them not to evacuate the staff remaining in the area.

 “The Chief Administrator is going to Greater Pibor tomorrow to meet all the youth and the stakeholders on the ground,” he stressed.

However, he added that a small fraction of the workers had been evacuated to Bor Town.

On Tuesday, the Acting Humanitarian Coordinator for the United Nations in South Sudan Mathew Hollingsworth expressed deep concerns over the threats by Pibor youth groups against the humanitarian organizations.

“We are here to deliver critical assistance to the most vulnerable people including women, children, and the elderly. I call on the authorities and communities to ensure the safety and security of humanitarian personnel,” Hollingsworth said

Hollingsworth said without the frontline workers, people could not get assistance urgently, adding that there were more than 100,000 people who are need humanitarian assistance in Pibor Administrative Area alone.