Over 600 children separated from their parents in Tombura

Over 600 children separated from their parents in Tombura
Some Internally Displaced Persons who fled the Tombura violence shelter in Ezo County (photo credit: courtesy)

At least 680 children have been separated from their parents following the vicious fights that erupted in Tombura County, a United Nations Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affair (UNOCHA) report reveals.

The report says the deadly conflict has also so far displaced at least 80,000 people to different locations in the nearby counties.

According to the document obtained by The City Review, the majority of children fled the conflict unaccompanied with their parents killed.  

An estimated 45,000 people also fled to Ezo County to find food and shelter with other thousands moving to Yambio town, Nagero, Namitina, Wau, Nzara, and Mosco since the violence began in June this year.

UNOCHA says more than 60,000 people have received food assistance, shelter, and health as well as education services but there is more that needs to be done.

The UN agency said urgent funding is needed for supporting the ongoing response to meet the increasing need of the internally displaced persons affected by the violence.

It also pointed out that most civilians have been killed and bodies subjected to improper disposal without a proper burial.

In August 2021, the Minister of Public Service and Human Resources Development, Joseph Bakosoro, said the government and the area leaders were not just sleeping in Juba but were working hard to fix the persistent inter-communal armed conflict in the state.

It was reported that more than 28 people were killed at the beginning of the violence and later another report surfaced that more than 40 people had been killed hence bringing the total number of deaths to 68.

President Salva Kiir formed a high-level committee to investigate the root cause of the Tombura violence and to seek a solution to end the violence.

Last month, the Executive Director for Community Empowerment for Progress organization Edmund Yakani said that there are some political leaders who want to change Tombura with the political support from political actors and they want to take the power through violence.