Over 20,000 families displaced in Fangak County

Over 20,000 families displaced in Fangak County
Young men using canoe to move around the compound that was once a dry land but is now flooded. [Sheila Ponnie/The City Review]

At least 20,669 households in Old Fangak County in Jonglei State have been displaced by the ongoing heavy floods that have been displacing people since August this year according to the Relief Rehabilitation Commission in New Fangak.

The City Review ascertained that as a result, food insecurity has worsened in the county as the displaced persons who have managed to go to the drylands are lacking food and even means of transportation in the whole community.

“There is no way for movement because those people without canoes cannot move because the whole area is flooded and even getting food is another problem,” said John Paul Gatluak, a worker attached to Relief Rehabilitation Commission in an interview with The City Review.

“We can no longer cultivate and all that we had cultivated before are all in water, now we have nothing,” he added.

Gatluak stated that they have made several requests for support to the UN for intervention but they have not been able to succeed.

However, he highlighted that there is a higher need for humanitarian help from the NGOs and the Government of South Sudan to provide them with food and medication

“Our people now are sustained by fish and waterlilies; things are going out of hand and we are worried,” he said.

“A lot of people are falling sick yet we don’t have health facilities here for someone to get a health facility he or she has to have a canoe but most of the people cannot even afford it,’’ he added.

He added that “malaria cases were increasing among children and even the old people” as he emphasised that they are scared that ‘‘there might be an outbreak of malaria because most people don’t have mosquito nets and we are all surrounded by this stagnated water.’’

He said most of the people from Fangak County have found their way to Malakal, Sudan, Juba, and other nearby higher grounds to settle.

The floods have affected Upper Nile State and Jonglei State. The country has so far registered over 700,000 displacements of people across South Sudan, UNHCR reveals.

The rains have washed away homes and farmlands forcing families to seek safer places to settle, and even displaced wild animals.