OPP stuck as Mayen rejects RJMEC’s MP list

OPP stuck as Mayen rejects RJMEC’s MP list
OPP Chairman Peter Mayen Majongdit (c) during a press conference in Juba (courtesy photo)

JUBA – The Other Political Parties (OPP) is staring a possible lengthy political deadlock and bickering after the embattled umbrella leader Peter Mayen Majongdit rejected the verdict by Reconstituted Joint Monitoring Evaluation Commission (RJMEC) on the nomination approach.

According to RJMEC’s new proposal, Mr. Mayen will nominate seven members while the alliance partners will nominate five members each from the party. The individual parties will nominate three members per party. This would bring the total number of members from both coalition and individual parties to 23.

But Mayen rejected the proposal on an argument that RJMEC cannot make any decision on the matter because it has no right to decide for the party.

“The proposed allocation of the members was not fair. We are single party and coalition we are trying to put them together,” Mayen told City Review in a telephone interview

“We have rejected it because there was no inclusivity. According to the agreement we are supposed to be referred to the guarantors and will be the decision of the guarantors,” he added during Miraya’s morning show.

Mayen said RJMEC has no right to decide on the issue to do with the internal party or else they are going to sit as OPP alone without anybody resolving their party disputes.

‘No way’

However, the spokesperson of Other Political Parties [OPP] who doubles up as Secretary-General of African National Congress Party, Albino Akol, said the alliance and other parties will go ahead with nomination because they did not get the official communication from RJMEC that Peter Mayen had rejected the verdict.

“Indeed, if he has rejected [it] and [then he is the] only one signatory that rejected [the proposal]. We are going ahead to nominate our members because we have agreed together with RJMEC and the government is aware,” Akol said.

During a last month’s meeting, Peter Mayen was accused of disrupting an IGAD meeting that was convened to solve intra-party conflict within the People’s Liberal Party (PLP).

The Friday meeting, which was organized by the IGAD Special Envoy to South Sudan Dr. Ismail Wais in Juba was aimed at the formal termination of Mayen’s status as one of the signatories to the Revitalised Peace Agreement by IGAD after he was dismissed by the People’s Liberal Party (PLP) under the umbrella of the Other Political Parties (OPP).

According to Akol, Mr. Mayen stormed the meeting’s venue with more than 30 individuals whom he said were not party members.

He said when Mr. Mayen’s group was told to vacate the seats to allow only six OPP principal leaders and signatories to the revitalized agreement; they caused chaos and disrupted the meeting.

In July, members of the PLP terminated Mayen’s membership from the party and ousted him as the chairperson of the PLP over gross public misconducts that were deemed detrimental to the party’s failure. His dismissal was endorsed by the OPP, an umbrella Mayen also chaired.

Mayen has been accused by his colleagues of violating the responsibility of power-sharing protocol enshrined in the revitalized peace agreement by nominating individuals outside the OPP membership to the Reconstituted Transitional National Legislative Assembly (RTNLA); most of whom are his closed relatives and a foreign companion.

In May and July 2021, President Salva Kiir issued a decree revoking the appointment of the OPP individuals including Peter Mayen himself as Members of Parliament at the RTNLA and ordered the OPP to resubmit a new list.