Opinion | Tribal activism must be bequeathed to the dustbin

Opinion | Tribal activism must be bequeathed to the dustbin

“A Tribal Mind is a troubled mind,” so goes a saying.

As our treasures are laid up there near our reach, we are yet again working to make them be out of reach through tribal activism and mobilisation. “He or she is from so and so tribe,” that’s one of the inappropriate labels we give our fellow citizens.

Surely, if we continue peddling narratives bent on the tribal path we can hardly place South Sudan on a peace trajectory.

This should be a big worry, tribalism is a bridge to war and destruction. Today, some people raise up their hands to speak for their tribes, not for the country. Who will speak for all of us if we all decide to become tribal activists?

Isn’t this a shame on us? We believe to be one people living in one country and thus we must speak for one another. If you stand up, stand up for all of us, each of us but not on behalf of your tribe.

Our tribes are our tribes and they don’t prevent us from being united. Besides, our tribes share the same norms and traditions. The little differences shouldn’t be fuelled to look like a hole on a white cloth. 

As my opinion goes, activists must revise what they do. This tribal advocacy won’t lead us to where we dream to be as a country. It’s going to make our ship sink, our plane crash and our train overturn. Let’s hold off this hideous act and make it something unifying. Our troubled history has to be bequeathed to the dustbin of oblivion and a new chapter be opened. 

South Sudan is blessed with many tribes and many resources. So rich underground and in the foreground. This wealth can be stolen if we don’t open our eyes to certain realities and put the senseless tendency of tribalism behind us. 

To be sincere, the 2013 turmoil was caused by tribalism. It wasn’t any kind of bad leadership, but because we shifted our beliefs to our own tribes then we found ourselves warring. We are left to count losses to date with little to no achievements to show.

Nothing that tribalism earns apart from death and underdevelopment. Today, we have to choose wisely, we have to make our minds for peace by taking a shift from tribalism and tribal activists must be converted to this new religion called “Unity”. United as brothers and sisters, united as sons and daughters of the same blood. 

We at one time struggled together and we must repeat the history of our Togetherness. We got blinded by our tribal lines and now we have to open our eyes to say “No to Tribalism”. Our future will be tarnished if we reckon on tribal activists.

Let’s stand up and end tribal activism. Peace is just about to be delivered. Let’s humble ourselves for the coming lasting and sustainable peace.

In the last phase, a better example can be taken from Rwanda. Their genocide was so bloody and egregious. Such genocides are caused by tribalism.

If we carry on with tribal activism then know that we are inviting more troubles. A lot of dreadful things have been inflicted upon us. There’s heavy nepotism, segregation, favouritism. These gibberish acts are just branches of tribalism. 

If we continue worshipping our tribes, our country will be the centre of poverty. It will be the home of vultures and all carnivores. Our country will be always in runs and gunfires.

The outside world will praise it. We shall only be seeking asylum from foreign countries. Our title will be “Homeless and Hopeless Refugees”. They will be feeding us with a quarter of what they will be stealing from our land and brag to be kind people.

Our land will be deserted, it will be raped and humiliated. Our beautiful sudd wetlands will be poisoned, the crude will be put to extinction. Our bright and warm mountain sites, from Eastern Equatoria to Western will face destruction.

The enemy won’t care because we have no hearts to live as one people in one country. This Tragic remedy can be resulted from worshipping our ethnicity. 

Let’s embrace ourselves, wear a new sight that sees no tribe. Let’s wash our brains and remove the stains of tribalism, we can still do great things and head to the top. There will be only little ups and downs if we lean on each other as brothers and sisters. 

We are doing this for Justice, Liberty and Prosperity; and shall reign forevermore.

John Marit is a concerned citizen and writes here in his personal capacity.

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