Opinion | Gov’t should leave tortoise walk

Opinion | Gov’t should leave tortoise walk
Trainers of the unified forces during a military parade at the Mapel Military Training Center (photo credit: courtesy)

It becomes rude and affects the lives of citizens when service delivery becomes as slow as the walk of a  tortoise. The responsiveness of our leaders to help their people can take up the analogy of a tortoise’s walk. Although a tortoise walks slowly, it follows one path until it reaches its final destination.

The crises that are affecting us in this country always start with the delay of everything; from the delay in delivering services, to implement what the government had proposed to do to the citizens. For instance, the delayed graduation of unified forces is one of the great challenges.

This has once again proven some critics right when they said some dead promises are given with no surety of fulfilment. You cannot walk slowly expecting that you will reach vulnerable persons who are suffering from illness and hunger to give them something for their survival. This cannot happen.

The government needs to leave the tortoise’s walk- and do so as a human being with two legs. It was on October 13, that I came across a report from an SSPDF spokesperson Maj. Gen. Lul Koang, where he spoke to the media, called on the trainees of the unified forces who quit the centres due to the lack of food, shelters, and clean drinking water to report themselves back for final graduation. The graduation was slated for the first week of November, a period that just elapsed.

According to media reports, he was quoted saying: “the Joint Defense Board (JDB) had been given only four weeks to complete screening then followed by graduation of the forces.”

He said by the first week of November the unified forces will be graduated.

 I took it with a pinch of salt for I know my countrymen like buying time. It has now been shifted to an unknown date.

However, I was over frustrated when I got the recent news talking about that the graduation plan of the unified forces. It has hit another brick wall. I was asking myself a question as to why my country’s leaders always like saying things that they will not fulfil?

The financial resources have been cited as the major problem preventing the 50,000 joint trainees from graduating. But, why wasn’t said earlier if it is the case? Why is the government still proceeding to give citizens other promises?

Recently, there was an approval of new development plans such as schools, hospitals, roads, that will connect all the places across the country and other public infrastructure projects like the dead initiative of Ramciel City. I have been hearing about this project since 2013 up to now and people are still talking about it.

Why is hard for them to use that budget to graduate the unified force first, make their deployment then follow their plans? The security that has been taken as a priority is not yet done and people are still killing themselves in cool blood.

All these empty promises are caused by the slow walk, I have no hope that the services they are talking about will reach vulnerable people who are at the grassroots.

This is because it has now become hard to do something that had been proposed but failed at the exact date. This means that this walk will go up to an image distance. I say services will not reach our people unless we change our slow walk.

The writer is a concerned citizen writing to inspire change he can be reached at  awilyommadut@gmail.com or via phone/WhatsApp +211921626885.

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