Opinion | Give peace a chance in Warrap

Opinion | Give peace a chance in Warrap
The Map of South Sudan Highlighting embattled Warrap State (photo credit: courtesy)

The protracted inter-communal violence in Warrap State should not be blamed on the SPLM-IO, SPLM-IG, or the Other Political Parties as the authorities in the state are trying to hold other partners to the revitalised peace agreement accountable.

Last week, I came across a copy of a resignation letter written by the chairman of the HIV/AIDS Commission in Warrap State describing the area Governor Gen. Aleu Ayieny Aleu as someone with no leadership skills, a dictator and a man still stuck on a half-century bush thoughts and all sort of words. I did not take it seriously because there was nothing that concerned me about their political activities in the state.

However, what caught my attention was one news item when I read about the press release from the SPLM-IO lawmaker who raised concern about the political space in Warrap State. The lawmakers called on the security organs, human rights, and other forces not to meddle in politics. The group also called on UNIMISS to intervene in the situation after an incident where they alleged that their party meeting was blocked by the security agency.

As a person who hails from Warrap State, the rampant inter-communal violence in the state had begun a long time ago; it is not the creation of the SPLM-IO. This conflict is often committed by the citizens themselves as well as their elders as a result of revenge killings and cattle raiding. These are the two major causes of the conflict that make the youth kill themselves.

In my opinion, if Governor Gen. Aleu dreams of a peaceful state, he should ensure that he brings youth leaders, elders and chiefs together to up rule of law that governs them. He should then conduct massive disarmament to scale down the alleged extrajudicial killings because without it there will be no long-lasting peace in the state. We should also stop accusing other groups of being members of an opposition party to the ruling government because such utterances will never bring peace in Warrap instead of generating more chaos.

However, since the inter-communal violence erupted in some parts of the state in 2008 to the present date, it has not been extended to Tonj. People in Warrap State have never been settled to enjoy the peace dividends and focus on development. For instance, the assembly hall of the council of state ministers in the capital Kuajok is still in its old look without a good renovation since 2005 because any governor who serves Warrap state his focus is always the security.

Any governor is appointed to bring fast peace first then followed by other development and most of them had been removed before even delivering on their mission. A new governor again will try and try then end up in middle being decreed out and another comes and goes without any development.

Therefore, this may be the same for Governor Gen. Aleu was feted as the first governor to win the trophy of being the first governor to settle the inter-communal violence in Warrap State is not an easy task to do. But I am very sure and hoping for the best in his services that he delivers on his plans. As a youth of Warrap, all these will come true if he accepts to work together with all the citizens taking their ideas and putting them to action.

We need peace and unity in our state, for the violence has created a lot of pain in our minds and hearts. It has interrupted us mentally and I wish not to see anyone being accused of being a problem or anything else to the state.  We are all one people assigned to provide services to citizens in the Warrap State despite the political parties we belong to.

The writer is a patriotic citizen writing to inspire change he can be reached at awilyommadut@gmail.com or via phone/WhatsApp +21192626885.

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