One killed, six injured in Yirol motorbike accident

One killed, six injured in Yirol motorbike accident

Two motorcyclists ferrying passengers locally known as Boda Boda collided in Yirol County, Lakes State, leaving killing one person and injuring six others.

The cyclists who were riding from opposite directions were overloaded with four pillion passengers each.

Lake State Police Spokesperson Maj. Eliza Mabor said one of the motorcycles had a mother and her baby among the passengers.

The infant escaped with no injuries.

Maj. Mabor said the incident was caused by the poor stage and the narrowness of the road.   

“This accident happened in the forest no one was there to report it to the police. Later on, it was a boy who was going on his way [who] found them lying down and he immediately rushed to the police at Nyang to report the accident,” Maj. Mabor said.

“The victims were transported to Yirol for treatment and unfortunately, an old woman died later in the hospital,” he told The City Review in a telephone interview yesterday.