NSS nabs 14 suspects linked to money laundering, robbery

NSS nabs 14 suspects linked to money laundering, robbery
Suspects arrested with fake money and other stolen items at National Security Office in Juba (photo credit: Kitab Unango/The City Review)

The National Security Service (NSS) has arrested and detained 14 suspects linked to money laundering and armed robbery in Juba.

 The suspects were arrested in possession of fake notes totalling $ 93,071000 and SSP400,000.

Addressing the press yesterday, the Director of Public Relations for the National Security Service, David John Kumuri, said the officers managed to seize $88 million of black dollars.

The other exhibits were five million and seventy-one thousand US dollars and chemical products used for producing the money.

“We have also apprehended SSP400,000 and chemicals producing power this also includes military uniforms of different organized forces,” he said.

They also seized other stolen vehicles including Noah, two premier cars, one VanGuard vehicle, three Rakshas and more than six motorcycles.

The suspects included 12 South Sudanese and two foreign nationals from Guinea Bissau and Liberia each.

Kumuri explained that the black and white fake US dollars are being made from a paper that is being dyed to avoid detection by the authorities or even other organised forces.

According to South Sudan Panel Court, counterfeiting money is a serious criminal act and can lead to punishment not limited to seven years’ imprisonment.

Kumuri said the suspects would undergo legal procedures.

“The national security service is committed to working with the public agencies to continually identify these criminals and dismantle their work,” he said

He said the Internal Security Bureau has seriously warned the criminals who are still practising the crime to desist.

The Liberian national confirmed that he was arrested at Medan Rainbow over the case.

“I was just a middle man who somebody contacted and requested for my assistance that some South Sudanese men have fake dollars so can you assist them?  I said yes because I need money, I said yes. I cannot stay hungry so I accepted to wash for them the money,” he said

 “Those things are not real dollars, they are papers and they are used to trick people and if they agree they take you away and then they take your real money and they go away,” he confirmed.