NSS arrests money laundering suspect, seizes $111k counterfeit notes

NSS arrests money laundering suspect, seizes $111k counterfeit notes
David John Kumuri, Director of Public Relations in the National Security Service internal bureau (photo credit: Keji Janefer/The City Review)

The Internal Security Bureau of the South Sudan National Security Service (NSS) has arrested a suspect with a money-laundering machine used for printing fake dollars.

A quantity of fake $111, 000 notes were also seized from the suspect on Thursday.

At a press conference yesterday, David John Kumuri, the Director of Public Relations in the National Security Service internal bureau, said the suspect was arrested with the machine from one of the hotels in Juba on Thursday.

 He said the suspect is a South Sudanese national.

“Today is a very important day that we issue this press statement: the operation division and the surveillance team today managed to seize a machine [used] for counterfeiting United State dollars and we also managed to seize  [fake] $111,000 notes from this criminal,” Kumuri said.

“We apprehended the criminal from hotels around Juba today, but we are unable [to give the identity] of this suspect because it is very sensitive. These are the criminals counterfeiting dollars, and soon we are going to disclose the criminals, ” he added.

Kumuri said the successful arrest of the suspect was due to the various operations launched by the NSS to crack down on criminals whose actions are affecting the economy of South Sudan.

He said the matter was sensitive and he could not allow him to bring the suspect before the full glare of the camera, adding such an action could jeopardise investigations.

“We are using him for the intelligence now to track down all the lines of the criminals, and soon we will bring him back to the media once we apprehend the rest of the criminals,” he said.

“We want to tell the people of South Sudan that there is an end to the criminals now, we want them to be taken to court and justice should be given to the victims, including the criminals themselves; they need justice.”

The security officers also confiscated the paper the suspect had been using for printing the fake dollars, which are reported to have been imported from Kampala.

He reiterated that the national security service operation division is doing its best to seize all the machines being used by criminals to print fake dollars in the country.

He promised to expose the suspect to the public once all the necessary investigations are finalized.

“Apart from the personality of the person, we will expose them to the media because they cannot destroy the economy of the country and benefit at the expense of South Sudanese,” Kumuri warned.

He advised the owners of hotels to cooperate with the security personnel deployed on their premises to report any suspicious people.

“So any suspicion that you feel affects you, [you] need to report it immediately. I want to warn the criminals that you [should] surrender before we reach you because the operation will reach where you are, ” he said.

Last week, the national security service seized more than nine million fake dollars and another over one million fake dollars from suspected criminals doing money laundering in Juba.