NRA hunts down tax defaulters

NRA hunts down tax defaulters

The National Revenue Authority (NRA) has frozen accounts and confiscated assets of more than ten multilateral business tax defaulters operating in the country.

The unnamed companies affected include airlines, hotels, and trading companies that have failed to remit their taxes, resulting in the loss of SSP10 million by the NRA.

Speaking to the media on Tuesday, the deputy NRA Commissioner, Ajang Ajang Lino, said the confiscated property will be auctioned to the public while money in the frozen accounts will be wired directly to NRA accounts.

Mr Lino called on the taxpayers who have not yet remitted their taxes to do so as soon as possible to prevent being affected by a similar decision.

“We ask the taxpayers to ensure they comply by filing their tax returns [before December 15] to avoid the accrual or penalty.”

“We [have seen that eligible taxpayers have failed to timely comply] and this has resulted in the accumulation of arrears, which has led to a lot of penalties. Penalties for late payment, penalties for late filing of returns, and interest penalties this has been accruing, ” Lino explained.

“And you will see, from time to time, the taxpayer will come to us asking for a waiver of the same. We will no longer believe it unless there are a large corporation compelling people to waver. So we are asking you to do timely taxes,” Ajang said.

He said the money lost to the tax defaulters was so huge that it could have been used to provide basic services to the thousands of vulnerable people in South Sudan.

“We have lost about 10 million and this is enough money to run the hospitals for the entire population, maybe for one year,” Ajang said.

In July this year, the NRA launched the digitalised tax collection system to ensure transparency as well as provide convenient tax remission to taxpayers.

Mr Ajang said the system was intended to ensure that tax collectors do not follow taxpayers for them to remit their returns without cohesion.