Nine people jailed over witchcraft

Nine people jailed over witchcraft
The 11 convicts who were found in the house of the witch doctor (photo credit: courtesy)

A local court in Juba Monday sentenced nine people to prison with terms not exceeding three months and a fine of SSP 25,000 each.

Five of the nine convicts were sentenced to one month imprisonment, two to a three-month jail term, one person to two months in jail while one of them was sentenced to 45 days imprisonment.

On September 4, 2021, the Juba City Council during its inspection of the city arrested and detained 11 people linked to the practice of prostitution and witchcraft in the Munuki Block B residential area. They had been detained at Malakia Police Station.

Since then, the 11 suspects were presented before the court at Kator block and the final verdict was announced yesterday by the 1st class Majesty Peter Mustafa.

Two of the accused persons were not sentenced but were fined SSP 25,000 each. They included a mother of a five-month-old child and an expectant woman.

However, the judge threatened to put them in jail if they fail to pay the fines.

According to the court, the 11 people were charged under article 33 section 1,2,3,4 of the bylaws of the Juba City Council 2013 annexure 2021.