National legislators initiate political forum in Torit

National legislators initiate political forum in Torit
Lawmakers from the National Parliament and Council of State are in Torit for forum (photo credit: Eastern Equatoria Gubernatorial Press Unit)

Lawmakers from the National and Council of State representing different constituencies in Eastern Equatoria State are in Torit for a political forum.

The forum that was organised by the state government of Eastern Equatoria draws together political leaders, including lawmakers, who will discuss, among others, security, economy and food security, borders, the return process, development, and effective use of natural resources.

In the press statement seen by The City Review, after the arrival of the lawmakers, the Governor of Eastern Equatoria State, Louis Lobong Lojore, said it is the right time for the state governments to work together with the area members of parliament to represent the people at the national level for peace.

“It is the right time for us to know ourselves, as leaders of Eastern Equatoria State. Let’s join hands to restore peace and stability in our communities and state. We have to work together in the service of our people, “Lobong said.

He said it is very important for the members of parliament to get attached to the state and their people so that they can be able to know what is affecting the citizens in their respective constituencies.

The Chairperson of the Eastern Equatoria State Parliamentary Caucus in the National Legislature, Julius Moilinga, said they have gone to the state to interact with the state government and to deliberate on how best they can find solutions to some of the key underlying issues affecting the state.

“There is nothing like coming home. We are happy to be home. We will support you as you lead our people to the path of peace and development, ” Moilinga said.

The MPs pledged to support the state government in its quest to deliver services to the people of Eastern Equatoria State.

In a bid to make the state peaceful and progressive, Moilinga called for joint efforts from the political leaders.

Last week, Louis Lobong Lorjore committed to working with all the stakeholders to maintain security in the area. He called for a joint effort to build a stable, prosperous Eastern Equatoria State after meeting with all the commissioners in the state.