Mother, two children killed in Lakes State gunfire

Mother, two children killed in Lakes State gunfire
Major. Elijah Mabor, Lakes State Police Spokesperson (photo credit: file)

A 26-year-old woman and her two children were killed after the security forces tried to apprehend the most notorious criminal, Panther Makur Garang, in Lakes State.

The police said organised forces went to Amet village of Aluak-Luak Payam, Yirol West after they realised that the most wanted criminal, “Panther”, was in Amet village to meet his colleagues, who are also wanted criminals.

“The forces were dispersed to go and apprehend him, but when the forces arrived at the compound where he was,  he discovered their presence and started firing. The forces fired back and, in the process, he was killed,” Police Spokesperson for Lake State, Maj. Elijah Mabor Makuac told The City Review on Wednesday in a telephone interview.

“Unfortunately, a 26-year-old mother and her two children were killed in the fire exchange. Another seven-year-old boy was injured on the buttock and he is getting treatment in Yirol Hospital, ” he added.

Maj Mabor said the security forces are still pursuing his colleague, who is also a wanted criminal by the organised forces.

 He said Yirol and Rumbek have been having security issues because of the notorious criminals who were involved in road ambushes whereby they killed many people and looted their property. He said the criminals looted cattle in all areas of Lake State and some parts of Western Equatoria State.

“Last year, the notorious criminal Panther was among some of the criminals who went to Mvolo County and raided many cattle and killed more than 10 people,” Maj Mabor said.

Three months ago, Panther‘s mother committed suicide following the cases facing her son. He was accused of killing and robbing people on the road.

According to Mabor, with the  Special Court that was constituted and the rule of law returned to the state, everyone is now free to claim his or her property, including cattle, after being stolen by criminals.

 He said several criminals have been arrested and they are always being taken to the special court.

“There are cattle and property that have been recovered.” Most of them have been returned to their rightful owners. The state government is busy recovering all the property that has been taken the wrong way, “he said.

In June this year, the ministry of health confirmed the deaths of two healthcare workers in Lakes State. Dr Moses Maker (nutrition manager) and Abraham Gulung Werwer (driver) from Africa CUAMM doctors were killed in an attack by armed civilians from Aluakluak Payam and Mapuordit villages.