Mathok rejects Kator Court verdict, vows to appeal

Mathok rejects Kator Court verdict, vows to appeal
Salva Mathok, former deputy Minister of the Interior and currently an MP in the Revitalised Transitional Legislative Assembly (photo credit: courtesy)

The former deputy Minister of Interior and member of the Reconstituted Transitional National Legislative Assembly (R-TNLA) Salva Mathok has rejected the verdict issued by the Kator Court regarding the Rock City issue between him and Solomon Chaplain Lui.

“I reject this verdict,’’ he said. “I say Solomon is to give us our percentage for items we reimbursed starting with Jabel Lodge, Rock City warehouse, Nimule checkpoint, Kaya checkpoint, Natapal checkpoint warehouse,” he added.

Mathok explained that he signed a joint venture agreement with Solomon Lui as partners on the business for 10 years

“I didn’t occupy Rock City illegally, we have signed documents regarding the business in Jebel institution and South Sudan for us to take care of his assets across the country,” he said.

Mathok denied the statement that he had ceased communication with Solomon adding they only cut the communication when Karl Wipfler and Amulya, Berhera left without paying money.

“We are given 15 days to appeal so I am going to appeal and I will succeed. I will overturn this verdict of the court. I will win this case because of the documents that we signed with Solomon and he has to honour the document we signed,” Mathok said.

He vowed to terminate the business of 10 years when should Solomon give them “their rights’’ and when they will hand over his company to him.

“We don’t have interest over his assets and we don’t have the interest of going on doing business with him.”

Mathok said in 2019, Solomon surprised them in the courts of Nairobi with the case, explaining that when they were about to reach the verdict, he left that case and opened another in Juba.

According to Mathok, he did not believe in the judgment provided by the Judge on October 3, 2021, in Juba

“The judge who handled the case does not know English and the document they signed with Solomon is written in English and in a language of professional lawyers in Uganda with legal terminologies that the lawyer doesn’t understand,” Mathok argued. 

He explained that it took them one and half years in Kenya going through the court proceedings and it is not yet finished,

Proceedings on time

“In Juba, it took us few weeks with few sittings for the judge to make the final decision despite the huge documents we presented to the lawyer,” Mathok said.

He said the judge denied the papers that they had signed with Solomon, though they had been recognised by the high legal bodies of Uganda, Kenya and South Sudan.

Mathok said they signed an agreement with Solomon Chaplain Lui on every asset retrieved, and that they have percentages according to the value of the property that they had.

He said the percentage of the money they retrieved, the business signed for 10 years was 50/50.

“All these assets I mentioned above belong to Solomon and we are demanding our percentage of the retrieved properties according to our agreement, and we demand from him compensation for our image he exposed to his enemies and the general public.”

“I demand an apology for trapping us into his wrong deeds,” Mathok said.

The Kator High Court on Wednesday directed Salva Mathok Gengdit to hand over all the property of Rock City Hotel to the owner, Solomon Chaplain Lui.

Judge Mojaned Abdella Akol, who read out the verdict, ordered Mathok to pay the cost of the suit and advocates fees of 10 per cent suit.

However, Mathok dismissed the ruling and promised to appeal within the 15 days given. He is optimistic to win the case in the court of appeal.