Malek Diocesan bishop joins defrocked Archbishop Akurdid

Malek Diocesan bishop joins defrocked Archbishop Akurdid
Bishop of Malek Diocese Dr. Peter Joh Mayom (photo credit: courtesy)

Malek Diocese bishop Peter Joh Mayom has recognised the Diocese of Bor under the defrocked Archbishop of Jonglei Internal Province Reuben Akurdid Ngong.

Speaking in Bor Diocese on Sunday, Bishop Joh said he would stay with Reuben Akurdid as his provincial secretary until the issue with the ECSS under Most Rev. Dr Justin Badi Arama is solved.

“I am the dean of Jonglei Internal Province until the issue of Jonglei is solved. I recognise Diocese Bor [and it] has not defected…nobody can tell me, why did you reconcile with your neighbour?” he questioned.

 “If you have a function as people of diocese Bor, we shall attend it as people of Malek Diocese. If there is something we are doing, we can attend.”

Philip Maluak Deng, the Spokesperson of the defrocked Archbishop Reuben Akurdid said they were waiting for defrocking to be lifted.

He said they have no problem with the approval of the dioceses since they had been operating but added when the defrock is not lifted, the entire approval of dioceses was important.

The ECSS Communication Officer Manyang Gabriel earlier said the ECSS was no longer working with Akurdid until he tabled his apology before the house of Bishops as the only way for defrocking to be lifted.

He said that ECSS already had enthroned Moses Anur Ayom as its Archbishop of Jonglei Internal Province. However, Archbishop Anur had been barred from going to Bor due to the presence of Akurdid who declared himself the Archbishop of JIP, immediately after the case was suspended by High Court Judge, Lawrence Jaja.


The ECSS Synod started on Thursday last week and ended on Saturday with the appointment of the new Provincial Secretary, Peter Garang Deng.

The Bishop of the Diocese of Malek and delegates from his diocese were not present at the synod. Manyang Gabriel, the ECSS Communication Officer, said the communique would be released soon concerning the discussions held during the synod.

However, sources have revealed that the dioceses that triggered the stalemate between Reuben Akurdid Ngong Akurdid and ECSS under Justin Badi Arama were discussed and approved by the synod.

It is not clear whether the bishops enthroned by Akurdid would be approved too, as well as the lifting of defrocking.


Akurdid approved the three dioceses of Anyidi, Makuac, and Cueikeer without prior permission of the highest church authority, the office of primate. This led to his defrocking by the office of Archbishop Justin Badi.

The tension was high, leading to the division of the faithful and the barring of some bishops from entering Bor.

Last month, the Primate said he could not lift the defrocking without the prior consent of the synod.

However, the House of Bishops wanted Reuben Akurdid to submit his apology before the synod for his defrocking to be tabled before the House of Bishops, but he did not write an apology.