Magwi County calls for support to rehabilitate roads

Magwi County calls for support to rehabilitate roads
Amee Bridge that links Magwi County to Juba (photo credit: Courtesy)

The Commissioner of Magwi County of Eastern Equatoria State has called for support to aid in road rehabilitation after initial plans to revamp the infrastructure were delayed.

Poorly maintained roads include the Magwi-Obbo-Pajok road, the Magwi Aru Junction road, Apari-Magwi, Magwi-Owiny-Ki-Bul, Magwi-Opara, and the Corner Ayaci-Lobone road.

Magwi County Commissioner, David Otto Remsem, said the county had forwarded the plan to the state government, but it seems there will be a delay in the government’s responses.

He said that all the roads need to be rehabilitated because they are not accessible to the community members, adding that it takes a lot of effort for one to get to the health centre in Magwi County headquarters.

“I will continue to present the challenges of our roads to any well-wishers because Magwi County is the food basket. The government can work on those roads, but it will take time because we don’t know when those roads will be rehabilitated by the government,” Otto told The City Review in a telephone interview yesterday.

“A better road network is good for security purposes and for the communities to get access to the markets and medication,” he added.

He said roads, especially in Magwi, make a vital contribution to economic growth and development for the communities living in the rural area.

Last month, the communities embarked on the voluntary rehabilitation of all roads linking Magwi town to the payams. The community members gathered in Abara, Iwiri Payam, and repaired the road leading to Magwi to access Magwi Primary Health Care Centre (PHCC).

The exercise came after heavy rains cut off most communities from accessing services in Magwi town as most of the roads had become impassable.

Mr Otto said that they had planned to hold a meeting with the community members of Obbo Payam on October 23, to ensure that their road heading to Magwi town is also rehabilitated.

 The road leading from Magwi to Lobone Payam at the border with Uganda was constructed by the government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in 2015.