Lomuro advised to sue Kenyan agency for compensation

Lomuro advised to sue Kenyan agency for compensation
Minister of the cabinet affairs Dr Martin Elia Lomuro addresses journalists on Saturday in Juba. [Sheila Ponnie, City Review]

A group of government officials have demanded that the Kenyan Asset Recovery Agency compensates the Minister of Cabinet Affairs Dr. Martin Elia Lomuro for the damages caused by the money-laundering case recently dismissed.

Last month, the Kenyan Anti-Corruption and Economic Crimes Court (High Court) had cleared Dr. Martin Elia Lomuro of money laundering allegations leveled against him by the Asset Recovery Agency (ARA).

The high court had frozen Dr. Lomuro’s bank accounts which contained Ksh13.42 million as of June 2021, following an order issued by Justice James Wakiaga after the Asset Recovery Agency filed a case against him.

According to the agency, Dr. Lomuro’s bank accounts made several suspicious transactions—between January 4, 2018, and January 2, 2020—that amounted to Sh46.20 million.

Speaking at the celebration of Dr. Lomuro’s triumph over the court case on Saturday, Lainya County Commissioner Emmanuel Kenyi Richard called on the lawyers who defended him to submit another affirmation to demand damages caused to the reputation of Dr. Lomuro.

“Today, I am very much excited that we are here for one important reason and that is [why] we are celebrating the integrity of our leader Dr. Martin Elia Lomuro. We are celebrating lifelong integrity” Kenyi said.

 “To the lawyers, congratulations to you but there is one thing you need to do, you should be preparing to file another case to demand damages because he was found innocent and you must submit another affidavit [for unnecessary character assassination],” he emphasized.

Kenyi expressed satisfaction with the verdict of the Kenyan high court which he said had demonstrated the honesty of the Cabinet Minister and urged Dr. Lomuro to continue with the spirit.

“This must send a very clear sign to all the leaders of South Sudan who are victims of this conspiracy must come forward like Dr. Martin because you are said to be corrupt while you are not corrupt,” he stressed.


“Those who have been suspected and sanctioned, come forward go and defend yourself and you will come out innocent and you will walk proudly like Martin,” Kenyi urged.

Kenyi warned members of the Pojulu community especially those holding positions in the government from taking the advantage of Dr. Lomuro’s victory to steal public money.

“The innocence that we celebrate here today is for Dr. Martin, Martin is not a thief, he is innocent let another Pogulu not think that when he or she steals tomorrow, his or her shame will be covered no, you will carry your cross,” he warned.

The Minister of Animal Resources and Fisheries Onyoti Adigo said anything being done against Dr. Lomuro as the ‘first minister’ in government equally affects South Sudan.

“We know South Sudan has so many enemies but it is good that legally the people who are conspiring against South Sudan and Martin, in particular, have been exposed,” Adigo said.

Adigo stressed that the money laundering allegation by Asset Recovery Agency and the sanctions by the US government against his colleague Dr. Lomuro was a conspiracy against the government of South Sudan.

He said the conspiracies tend to undermine the sovereignty of the country according to him.

“We will never, never, never surrender to anybody and we will continue to fight our enemies as a member of the United Nations, as a member of African Union, and as a member of the regional communities. So it was a big shame when the court has given verdict in favor of Martin and South Sudan,” he emphasized.

Adigo echoed the need to compensate Dr. Lomuro for the defamation caused on him by the Kenyan agency.

“Now, what is next is that we need to be compensated, the lawyers have to compile a case against these people who have made this thing and the court should take its course of justice for the damages caused on Martin and South Sudan in general,” he urged.

Adigo pointed out that corruption was everywhere all over the world as he accused the international community of always pointing fingers at South Sudan.

“Corruption is everywhere, there is corruption in Europe, there is corruption in America and there is corruption in Africa but people are experts in pointing fingers,” he stated.