Lokiliri Payam warned against harbouring highway criminals

Lokiliri Payam warned against harbouring highway criminals
The local community of Lokiliri Payam listening to Governor Adil during his visit to the area (photo credit: Gubernatorial Press Unit)

JUBA – The Central Equatoria State Governor Emmanuel Adil Anthony has warned the community of Lokiliri Payam against harboring ‘wrong elements’ of Juba-Nimule road attacks.

Lokiliri is a village located along the Juba-Nimule highway about 50 kilometers from the capital Juba. The community mainly survives on farming and burning of charcoal as their main sources of income.

“An information reached the government that there are some wrong elements within the community who are terrorizing people along Juba-Nimule highway,” Derick Derickson, secretary in the office of the Governor told City Review.  “The visit of the governor was to warn them.”

“Governor Adil urged the people of Lokiliri Payam to embrace peace and denounce violence by engaging their sons and daughters who are still carrying arms against the government,” he added.

Last week, the national government dispatched security forces comprising the army, national security, and the police to examine the security situation along Juba-Nimule road.

The exercise came after the brutal killing of two Catholic sisters who were returning from a pilgrimage in Loa parish and three other passengers between Aru and Kubi village along Juba-Nimule road.

Governor Adil also warned the community against illegal logging, urging individuals involved in the activity to stop it or risk being arrested and prosecuted for contravening the law.

“Governor Emmanuel directed the locals to refrain from indulging in illegal teak logging and anyone found shall be dealt with under the country’s law.”

Last year the governor issued an order banning illegal logging in the six counties within Central Equatoria State after the local communities raised complaints about the rampant logging in Kajo-Keji, Terekeka, Lainya, Juba, Morobo, and Yei River counties.

Adil assured the community of his government’s commitment to providing maximum protection to encounter the security threats from the cattle keepers who often graze their animals in the farms.