Lainya Commissioner urges MPs to pay attention to their people

Lainya Commissioner urges MPs to pay attention to their people
A view of the Transitional National Legislative Assembly (Photo by Reuters)

The Commissioner of Lainya County Emmanuel Kenyi Richard has called on Members of Parliament from the area to pay attention to the condition of the local people.

Kenyi made the statement on Saturday in an event organized by Dr. Martin Elia Lomuro to celebrate his recent victory in the Kenyan High Court.

Kenyi urged the leaders, especially the members of parliament in the Reconstituted Transitional National Legislative Assembly and the Council of States to visit their constituencies to acquaint themselves with the situation of the people they represent in the parliament.

“This time we want our MPs to go down to the villages [and to stop] running around Juba eating chicken and chips and people are suffering in the bushes” Kenyi emphasized.

He revealed that some constituencies in his county had been deserted even by wild dogs despite security prevalence.

 “It is time for everyone in the parliament to go to the Payams and Bomas of the constituencies. The people you are representing are there in the villages [and] not here in Juba. The Pojulu who are suffering are in Mukaya, Kupera, in Tongi, in Wungi and Lainya not in Juba” he said.

“You go there. [Even] if it means there is death, go and die with your people there as a sacrifice for peace and don’t hang around here in Juba and enjoy yourself,” Kenyi added.

The commissioner alleged that even some local chiefs from the county fear operating within their Payams and Bomas and want to operate from Juba.

“Lainya local government does not operate from Juba. If you want to be a chief, look for your Payam and boma in the village unless if you are a chairperson of the quarter council in Juba, I have nothing to do with you,” he stressed.

Kenyi also pointed out that the current government is in transition and any leader who does not perform may be removed.

“We are going to be very serious to evaluate ourselves you will be watching my back as a commissioner and I will also watch your back the one who will not do well. We are in a transition, I may be removed and you may also be removed” he noted.

In 2018, lawmakers in the former TNLA came under public criticism after it was announced that they were given a $40,000 car loan when more than half of the population in the country depend on food aid from humanitarian organizations.

Civil servants in the country have been going for months without salaries and there has been no implementation of development projects as promised by the leadership especially the MPs and the State governor who were elected during the election in 2010 except the recent road construction to connect Juba with the State.

In addition, the MPs and the government spokesperson Ateny Wek Ateny have both defended the car loan given to each of the MPs citing an adherence to the constitution for the members of parliament to have cars to facilitate their mobility.