Lado vows to take action against creator of viral ‘doctored image’

Lado vows to take action against creator of viral ‘doctored image’
A viral social media photo alleging that Juba City Council Mayor Kalisto Lado was the man pictured in a blue long-sleeved shirt in a confrontational mood. The mayor has refuted claims and City Review has verified the image as fake (phot credit: courtesy)

JUBA – The Mayor of the Juba City Council Kalisto Lado has strongly dismissed a photo circulating on social media alleging that he was in a physical confrontation in an unidentified event and vowed to catch up with the content creator.

Speaking to City Review on Wednesday, Lado said he has never been in a physical fight with anybody and described the picture as ‘doctored’.

He accused the People’s Coalition of Civil Action of being behind the act.

“It is a photoshop from the enemies of peace and the enemies of government officials. Maybe it is done by the People’s Coalition for Civil Action and it is character assassination,” he said.

The mayor said the creation of the photo amounts to cybercrime and vowed to go after those propagating the content.

Lado said the people who forged his photo were cowards as they only fight the government through social media.

“It is a crime and anybody who made that kind of photo will be followed and will be brought to book,” he said. “There is a law that will handle this kind of thing, this is an electronic crime, it is a cybercrime that can be taken care of.”

“So whoever did that should know that I am bigger than this propaganda and my character cannot be assassinated by such cowards who only fight the government on social media,” he said.

Mr. Lado said the intention of generating the image could have most likely been motivated by his motive to quell any planned demonstration within the city.

“Maybe [it was created] because I said I don’t want demonstration in Juba and whoever attempts to demonstrate will be brought to book and I don’t want shops to be closed; I don’t want people to stay home,” Lado told this publication.

The mayor reiterated that he had never been in a physical fight with anybody in a public gathering save for ‘minor’ misunderstandings with people who are reluctant to implement bylaws, which do not degenerate into physical confrontations.

“We fight against garbage and those who don’t want to implement the law. We are fighting poverty, we are fighting diseases, and we are fighting illiteracy,” he said. “Our fight is to see into it that we improve the infrastructure in the city and that is our fight and we don’t fight people physically, we don’t fight individuals.”

“I don’t have a problem with anybody so I was not even in any of the gatherings that can lead to a fight. Why should I even fight in the 21st century? Do I have to physically fight somebody in the 21st century?” he asked.

Viral photo

On August 26, a viral photo showing a lookalike of the Juba City Council Mayor flooded social media platforms.

In the photo, the person who resembles Mr. Lado appears to be making his way to confront an unidentified old man as the crowd struggles to hold him back. With a sky blue mask lowered to the chin, the old man looks as calm as if nothing tense was going on.

Several social media users were quick to react saying it was the Juba City Council Mayor. Sudans Post, an online tabloid, claimed that the incident happened during an event at Bari Community Headquarters in Juba.

However, the publication did not mention the name of the source who allegedly confirmed that the incident happened at the same location.


After running a scan of seven copies of the image, the City Review Fact-checking Desk established that the copyright of the image was not credited to anyone.

A search on TinEye returned 0 results, which indicates that the image was not originally produced and uploaded on any reputable platform.

Also, a further search shows that the image was only posted by Facebook pages prominent for disseminating unverified information.