Kit Gwang accuses Machar forces of continuous attacks

Kit Gwang accuses Machar forces of continuous attacks
SPLM-IO Kit-Gwang Deputy Commander Gen. Johnson Olony (photo credit: file)

The SPLM-IO Kit Gwang splinter group under Gen. Simon Gatwech Dual has accused the First Vice President Dr. Riek Machar’s forces of continuous attacks on their base in Upper Nile State.  

Kit-Gwang Deputy SPLA-IO Commander Gen. Johnson Olony has said they would only respond to Dr. Machar’s forces’ provocation in self-defense as they look forward to the implementation of Chapter Two hinged on security arrangements. 

“Forces of Riek have been launching attacks on our position in Magenis but we have a right to defend ourselves. Nowadays, they are quiet but they have been making announcements of launching another attack. We have never taken any step in attacking them,” said Gen. Olony.

Magenis declaration

Speaking in an interview with an online news outlet, Gen. Olony said the August 3 declaration was not to wage a new war in the country but to serve as a wake-up call on President Kiir and Dr. Machar to understand the need for urgent implementation of the security arrangements.

“When we announced the Kit-Gwang Declaration, the intention was not against anyone but we declared ourselves so that the people could understand us and tell the public that the implementation of the peace agreement is not going on well.” 

The SPLA-IO under Machar’s leadership yet to respond as efforts to contact the spokesperson Col. Lam Paul Gabriel on the phone proved futile.

However, in mid-September, Col. Lam accused Kit- Gwang forces of initiating the attack on SPLA-IO bases, forcing pro-Machar forces to launch a counteroffensive on Gen. Dual’s forces, leading to the killing of two of their generals.

“They have been attacking our bases and it proceeded until Sunday. This morning we could not hold back anymore. So, at around 6 am, the SPLA-IO forces launched attacks on their launching areas…. Two Major Generals from their side got killed, and one wounded,” said Lam. 

On August 3, former SPLA-IO Chief of General Staff Gen. Simon Gatwech Dual and Gen. Johnson Olony announced the ouster of Dr. Machar as the chairman of the party and commander in chief of the armed forces.

Since then, there have been repeated fierce fights between the rival forces which have killed several forces while both sides continue to trade accusations of attacking one another.