Kapuri Primary School inaugurated

Kapuri Primary School inaugurated
Pupils of Kapuri Basic Primary School in a group photo with government and Turkish Embassy Officials (photo credit: Mamer Abraham/The City Review)

Turkish Embassy handed over the newly renovated Kapuri Primary School in Juba to the administration yesterday.
The school was renovated by the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA).

Speaking during the opening ceremony of the Kapuri Primary School Renovation Project, the TIKA Programme Coordinator in Juba Jafer Besli said that the organisation was committed to improving education in South Sudan.

“Education is one of the main focal areas for the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA)’s activities in South Sudan. We believe that if you invest in education, especially education of children, you invest in the future,” he said.

Besli said TIKA aimed to provide a conducive environment for pupils in both Kapuri primary and nursery schools.
“Renovating those 8 classrooms alongside the administration building, and providing water access, we aimed to secure a better environment for the 278-primary school (pupils), and 111 nursery school (pupils) of Kapuri Primary,” he said.

He appreciated the Central Equatoria State Minister for General Education and Instruction Cirisio Zachariah and headteacher, Yunies Gordon Wani, for providing security for the solar panels which were installed for the third time after the rest were stolen.

The Deputy Governor of Central Equatoria State Sarah Nene Redento encouraged children to study so that they could be future leaders. She said that the state government had placed education at the forefront.

“We in Central Equatoria on behalf of our governor… are serious on education to see into it that our children are educated. All the tribes of South Sudan are here so Central Equatoria is educating the Republic of South Sudan,” she said.

The Undersecretary in the Ministry of General Education and Instruction Kuyok Abol Kuyok said the National Ministry of General Education and Instruction was prioritising vaccination of teachers against COVID-19.

Abol called upon the State Ministry of General Education and Instruction to cooperate with the national Ministry of General Education and Instruction.

Abol echoed the need for teachers to endeavour to protect the property within the school.

“The solar panels you see up there are the third panels, we lost the first ones and the second ones…this is not good. We need to keep the school clean so that children learn in a good environment. We must make the environment conducive for learning,” he added.

The State Minister for General Education and Instruction Cirisio Zachariah Lado said Central Equatoria State was ready to work with the Turkish Embassy and government officials in higher authority.

He asked for the progressive renovation of other destroyed schools’ infrastructure so that they could be used for studies.

The Headteacher of Kapuri Basic Primary School Yunies Gordon Wani and Chief Tombe Gabriel requested TIKA to help in building a permanent fence that could prevent thieves from stealing property.

TIKA Project

Kapuri Primary School was renovated by the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) under the project name “Kapuri Primary School Renovation Project.”

Eight classrooms were renovated by renewing windows and doors, holes and walls were refilled, the classrooms were painted and student desks were repaired.

TIKA also installed 6 solar panels with 320 WATT power as well as the installation of a pump system and a control panel for well water to be put to use.

There was also the installation of taps to ease water access as two water tanks with the capacity of 5,000 litres were also installed.

TIKA is also expected to renovate the nursery school that is located behind the Kapuri Basic Primary School.

Initial Construction

The school was initially constructed through funding from UNMISS Rwandan Contingents, UNICEF, Rwandan Community in South Sudan, South Sudan leadership and the local community inaugurated the school on February 9, 2015.

However, the school building got destroyed during the 2016 war in Juba.