Juba Stadium to be inaugurated early next year

Juba Stadium to be inaugurated early next year
The new-look of Juba Stadium which is under construction (photo credit: Alex Bullen/The City Review)

The Juba National Stadium is set to be inaugurated earlier next year as the construction of the facility enters the final stage.

The National Minister of Youth and Sports, Dr Albino Bol and the President of South Sudan Football Association (SSFA) Gen. Augustino Maduot revealed this after inspecting the stadium yesterday.

Addressing the journalists after the inspection of the facility, Dr Bol said about 90 per cent of the construction work has already been done.

“As you can see now, 90 per cent of the construction has been finished and we are at the finishing stage. I want to inform the public that this stadium will see the light officially by the beginning of the year 2022,” he stated.

Dr Bol said the work has been done to international standards.

Alleviates fears

When asked about the finding of the committee that investigated the collapse of the stadium a year ago, he said the committee found that the previous work was quality.

“I want to assure the people of South Sudan that after we formed the investigation committee last time, it was found that the stadium was standard and the constructors are doing standard work,” he cited.

“So, I take this opportunity to reassure people on the status of the stadium. It is concrete one which [is of high grade] and very soon, we will see the light and will be launched by the President of the Republic,” Dr Albino said.

The minister said the country would be hosting a lot of sporting activities adding that the construction exercise is timely given the growing demand for such resources.

He thanked FIFA for their support towards developing football in the country for taking it upon themselves to help in the construction of the country’s national stadium.
“I would like to thank FIFA through its General Secretary whom they inspected the Juba National Stadium on their visit in Juba, and on which FIFA commits to construct another facility,” he remarked.

Dr Bol further confirmed his government’s commitment to developing sports infrastructures in the country.

He said they would work closely with the SSFA and FIFA to complete the construction of Juba National Stadium that was not in the designed contract.

Gen. Maduot said hailed the progress of the construction of the Juba National Stadium.
However, he said the only remaining part to be completed is the Seven Mile which is not part of the FIFA project.

The stadium is to accommodate 7,000 people and according to Maduot, the government needs to support the course to push the project to completion.

“We have been in negotiation with the FIFA about how they can help us to finish the seven miles, but we have not yet gotten positive results. Our government needs to give us support [so that FIFA can join too].”

He expressed optimism that Juba Stadium will begin to host international matches earlier next year.

Debeba Melest, GS Construction Company Site Engineer said that his team is hopeful that the facility will officially be used in the first quarter of 2022.

“Now as the status of the project is now at the final stage…we are now painting and other minor works, and next week we will start with seven miles and surely in next two months we will finish the project,” the site engineer said.

Juba Stadium construction was launched officially on April 5, 2019, and the stadium was initially planned to be completed in February 2020 according to the recommendation from the F IFA and CAF.

The project was funded by FIFA for $5 million, which the FIFA President pledged during his visit to South Sudan after his first election as head of the world football governing body.