Juba City Council releases over 45 detained wheelbarrows

Juba City Council releases over 45 detained wheelbarrows
Wheelbarrow vendors checking their items after being released by the Juba City Council (photo credit: courtesy)

More than 45 wheelbarrows belonging to hawkers were released by the Juba City Council head office after a day-long confiscation during a public order operation.

In a statement issued by the Juba City Council and obtained by The City Review, Mayor Kalisto Lado Faustino said the decision to release the items after violating the law and regulation of public order came from the authorities under his leadership.     

“It was a patriotic and humanitarian decision because the merchants are patriotic youth, students; some of them are security personnel and some of them are orphans, sons, and daughters of martyrs,” Lado said.

 “They have been released without any penalties because the goal is not a financial issue but to organize the city and providing the appropriate environment for wholesalers so that they provide basic services to the citizens,” he added.

Lado said the hawkers are prohibited from trading on the roads, adding the government is obligated to protect life and property.

Last week, several businesswomen in Juba complained over the string of market demolitions undertaken by the Juba City Council.

Mr. Lado defended the exercise adding it was aimed at reorganizing the markets in the city.

He said the demolition exercise would continue as he vowed not to compensate any traders.

What ensued was a complaint from women who lamented the consequences of the exercise carried out by The City Council.

The victims faulted the council for failing to provide a new place for them to relocate their shops before bringing down the structures.